Tuesday, May 15, 2007


(This entry was started on May 15th and I am finally posting it today, May 29th - more than a week later.)

I finally went to see Doc and the hearing problem was taken care of. To all my adoring fans, "I can hear you now"!

It was a simple case of built up wax that stubbornly would not get loosen, even after a few days of using the $40 drops. The wax continued to lodge in my ears causing temporary hearing loss. I never had my ears cleaned before. It was done by such a simple method by flushing the ears with warm water using a syringe from the outer ears. What a relief feeling after the wax was dislodged. After the procedure, the buzzing from tinnitus condition was not as loud and my hearing not only back to normal but has become clearer and so much better. I will make sure to have my ears checked and cleaned at the annual check-up.

For a few days after I started using the drops, the condition did not improve. I decided instead of turning the volumn real high so I could hear, I watched various television programs without actually hearing. After one evening of guessing what is being said, I decided not to watch any television. I did not miss much. In fact, it was kind of nice. I finished a lot of reading (magazine articles I have been saving) and spend time reading books I borrowed from the library so I would not have to renew too many times.

In the morning, after I got up, instead of turning on the news, I stood by the kitchen window, with a cup of coffee in hand, I watched the rabbits hopping around the yard, the birds dashing up to the tree carrying away a piece of bread we threw out, and the squirrels trying to stop the birds from taking their shares. I would not go too far to say that silence was golden as I would like to get my hearing back to normal. I would not agree that it is always best not to speak. There are situations that require the person to voice their opinions, to set the records straight and not allowing others to dominate the conversation. I do enjoy the quiet moments and was glad that I had the options.

We saw Simon & Garfunkel during their 2004 Tour. We enjoyed the concert and I even sang along when I recognized a familiar song. I thought the song "The Sound of Silence" would be a fitting for this entry about my temporary hearing loss. On the wall along the pool table in our basement, there are framed programs and tickets from a few concerts (all in St. Louis) we have been to in the last few years. We attended Sir Paul McCartney U.S. Tour in 2002, Neil Diamond in 2003 and the Rolling Stone Concert in early 2006. Two weeks later, we saw "Mick and the boys" again, performed at half-time at the Superbowl XL in Detroit. (In March 2006, while on a cruise with my sister, I took a bus tour in Jamaica and the tour guide pointed out a house that belongs to Mr. Jagger.) We thought "Mick" might think we stalked him or that we were too old to be groupies.

Now that my hearing is back to normal, I no longer yell "Help" and no longer "Twist and Shout"!

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