Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 eat it ...
Shoe and cake - what a perfect combination!
Where did the time go?  Half of 2014 was gone - we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this month - a nephew who was in his mother's womb when she was at our wedding will be getting married in August.  All the kids in our wedding party have one or two kids of their own.  We count our blessings every day that we made it this far!
Have a safe and enjoyable summer ... don't forget to eat cake!

Sunday, June 08, 2014


 ... wear it!
What size do you think this shoe is?  It definitely does not belong to Cinderella :>)
Here are a few expressions associate with "shoe" -
I wouldn't want to be in your shoes;
The shoe is on the other foot;
(I am not sure what this expression is about) The shoemaker's kids always go barefoot!
Hey QQ, how about, "Have shoe will run"?

Sunday, June 01, 2014


This cake is on display at the Butterfly House and I believe it is one of the best decorated piece.  Of course, the theme is easy and butterfly is such a lovable, colorful species.  (I just realized that the word "species" is both singular and plural - I need to pay more attention and try to improve my limited vocabulary!)
Back in 2011, when I was "thrown off the bridge", instead of feeling sorry for myself, after spending time in the morning on job search, I volunteered for 4 hours in the afternoon, three days a week at the Butterfly House. 
I learned about the butterfly from the training and enjoyed explaining to visitors.  I enjoyed talking to people from out of town, especially tourists from other countries.  Most of the volunteers were nice to work with but there were a few that were "questionable"!
I highly recommend the Butterfly House if you are visiting St. Louis.  It is a fun place and most of the kids love the butterflies.  (There were a few that were terrified of the butterfly, especially when a butterfly landed on their body.  The more I tried to explain that the butterfly would not hurt them, the more the kids became frighten!)
It is getting warm today - we were planning to drive around in the T-bird but we decided to stay indoor.  I should clean up my office, organize the closets and it's time to gather items for donations.  Oh, all my earthly possessions - they could be more burden than blessings when you have more than you actually need.  What earthly possessions will you give away today?


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