Friday, May 31, 2013


We noticed "Flowers by Rose" as we drove into Sturgis (September 2011).  Here is an example of creative art, turning a dead tree into a beautiful piece of art, in front of a flowers shop - how appropriate!  It is also a clever marketing tool to attract potential customers.
We had a great time in Sturgis. I am still planning to get a tattoo and a Harley before my 70th birthday!  What are your plans for your milestone birthday? 


QQ wrote about pedestrians walking in the bike lane where walking lane clearly marked and about people standing (blocking) the bike lane.  My pet peeve is when two or three people walking together, blocking the entire the sidewalk.  They see you approaching but they don't care.  When you politely said, "Excuse me", they acted as if you were the one that caused the problem.  They gave you the look, "How dare you ask us to make room for you.  We owe the sidewalk.  Walk on the street or on the grass instead."
How about those people who congregate in the hallway or by the doorway?  I remembered a few occasions at the office building where I used to work.  Two men and one woman gathered in the hallway, right in front of the women's restroom.  They saw me coming, yet when I asked them to move so I could get into the restroom, they looked at me as if saying, "Just hold it, we are not done with our important conversation."  I could hear them talking after I finally fought my way into the restroom.  They were talking about some television shows!
Another pet peeve that would take the cake for lack of common sense.  There was a smoker who refused to use the smoking designated area (the 25 ft. rule) away from the building openings.  I was coming back to the office from shopping for snacks and drinks for committee meetings.  This particular smoker thought he was being thoughtful when he opened the door for me (the automatic door opener did not work, again!), but while he was holding the door, he also blew smoke at my face!  I said thanks and he had a big smile on his face as if he just saved my life (while killing me with his second-hand smoke!).  I wish I could tell him, "Go jump into the lake" because he is not doing me any favor holding the door for me!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


 I don't remember buying the onion so I can't really tell you how the onion "got" into my kitchen.  I do not personally involve in obtaining the onion.  I don't normally like onion so it must be someone else that purchased the onion.  There are two people living in "the house".  I don't think it was my husband who bought the onion.  And I refuse to accept the responsibility about the state of the onion.  So it must be someone else but I could not tell you who that person was that put the onion on my kitchen counter.  I don't know where the onion came from.  I actually found out about the onion on my kitchen counter from the news!
 I don't remember peeling off the onion.  I don't know who peeled off the layers of the onion.  I don't remember where I got the knife.  Perhaps the knife belongs to someone else.  I don't know whose that would be.  I don't know what happened.  I simply don't know anything.
I don't remember cutting the onion in half.  I don't know who cut the onion into two pieces.  All I can tell you is it get stinkier as each layer was peeled off.  With onion, you could try to cover up or put blindfolds on the people around you, the stinky smell will not go away.  I thought of taking the Fifth to avoid answering the questions about my involvement with how the onion got into my kitchen.  I am sure my supporters are so blind that they would not think I am such an incompetent person that I don't know what is going on in my own house.   No matter how many more lies I tell, my supporters would be too dumb to know the difference.  One thing I know for sure, it is an onion and to tell you the truth, it stinks!  


I woke up this morning, got out of bed, even though every ounce of what little energy I had in my body told me to just hide under the cover and stay there until the start of next hockey season!  My beloved Red Wings was eliminated last night in overtime of Game 7 against the Blackhawks.  My husband tried to comfort me saying that the Wings put up a good fight.  Well, that did not make my broken heart feel any better.
I bought flowers and a bag of potting soil yesterday.  I spent the morning planting flowers.  I washed the patio furniture.  I dusted and vacuumed the house, washed and put away two loads of clothes, as I tried to keep busy, but the tears would not stop flowing!!! 
 After the Wings eliminated the Ducks and advanced to Round 2 facing the Blackhawks, I thought the Wings might be swept since the Hawks is the #1 seed (and the Hawks also won all the games during regular season).  The Hawks won the 1st game but the Wings came back and won the next three games.  All the sudden, instead of the nightmare of the Wings being swept, I dreamed of watching "Da Captain" Zetterberg raised the cup, paraded around the ice as the 2013 Stanley Cup champion.    
Well, I never learned my lesson for putting too much hope into something as unpredictable as winning three hockey games in the best of 7 playoffs series.  The Hawks came back, forced Game 7 and eliminated the Wings, once and for all, shattered my short-lived dream.  It was a sunny, comfortable and beautiful day in St. Louis, but how do you mend a broken heart of this Red Wings fan?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 We attended the Memorial Day Ceremony at Bluebird Park in the City of Ellisville.  It was a solemn and touching ceremony, especially a great tribune to the soldier who was killed in 2010.
 We got there (after Mass) just in time for the welcome remark, followed by Posting of Colors, singing of the National Anthem, Invocation by the Chaplain of the Police Department.
Brief presentations by VFW Post Commander, special tribune, placing of the Wreath, then Rifle Salute.  I was glad that Taps was sounded by a music director from a local middle school (instead of playing from a recorder).  The Chaplain again gave Benediction, then Retiring of the Colors and the Ceremony was concluded.  The Ceremony took about 30+ minutes, was completed with respectful, meaningful brief statements, no lengthy speeches and no self-serving talking points from politicians!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Not sure if I already posted these photos taken last Thanksgiving (2012).  We did not make a pie this weekend.  I am just thinking of our upcoming road trip.  We usually take a break after a couple of hours driving.  We like to stop by a mom-and-pop restaurant for homemade pie.  Of course, you got to have coffee with the pie.
It was a perfect day in STL, sunny, breezy, in the mid 70s.  Ralphie went golfing in the morning.  I did not get up until 800 hours.  We already attended evening Mass yesterday.  We decided that we needed to get Dim Sum since it has been awhile.  After that, we went to a few Estate Sale.  You could always tell who the homeowners were, what they did for a living before they passed away or had to move into the nursing home, and even what their political affiliation.  We enjoyed going to wealthy home in Ladue or Town and Country.  It always amazes me to see the amount of "stuff"  one family (or one person) accumulates.  I usually look for office supplies to purchase to donate to a local organization.  I saw an engraved picture frame that reads, "Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad.  Bobby, Jack and Caroline."  It was marked for $5.  Sunday is half-off, so it was $2.50! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


The expression "He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins" came to my mind when I saw this license plate.  I am not sure what exactly the expression is about because when the person died, it won't matter how many fancy cars he has or how large his earthly possession was.
When I was in Michigan, my boss told me about someone he knew who loved his Corvette so much that he kept saying he wanted to be buried in it.  Well, he got his wish but not in the way he wanted.  He was in an accident and died immediately on impact.  The Corvette was completely destroyed.  His wife had the car crushed to the size and buried it in the same grave.  Remember to be careful what you wish or pray for.  When it comes to prayer, sometimes the prayer that went unanswered is the best prayer answered.
I also thought Memorial Day is supposed to be a day of remembrance of the courage and sacrifice of our servicemen and women who gave their lives protecting freedom and liberty.  To most people, it is just another big sale dayWe used to attend Memorial Day Ceremony at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery but after a few years, we did not care to sit for hours listening to politicians making speeches about themselves.  We decided that it would be better to attend Memorial Mass at our church.  This year, after Mass we plan to take part in a Ceremony that pays tribune to a soldier (a St. Louis native) who was recently killed in Afghanistan.  His name will be inscribed on the War Memorial monument.  I hope there will be no boring speeches (and no teleprompter, please) from politicians!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hey Qap, look what I found - letters from New York Road Runners Club and New York City Marathon.  The above was a summary of race performance when I ran in the L'Eggs 10K Mini Marathon in 1988.  My PR was 1:04:33.  I still have the shirts from the three marathons but will need alterations from all three shirts to make one big XXL size to fit my current chubby body!   
Above is a letter dated November 17, 1986 from New York City Marathon thanking me for helping with organizing and providing communication to International runners during the Marathon.  I was able to enlist about 20 foreign college students from International Exchange Program to help with this task.
I think I only helped with the Pasta Party in 1988.  It took place at Tavern on the Green, well not inside, a big tent was put up outside of the restaurant.  I don't remember much from this event.  I don't even remember if I ate any pasta that day.  Maybe I was not even there.  Maybe someone else did all the work and the letter was sent to me by mistake!


We went to a Cardinals game last weekend.  (Come to think of it, we did not go to any game last year.)   It was sunny, in the mid 80s with frequent gentle breezeOur seats were in section 170, next to the left field landing.  We were in row 13 and completely out of the sun.  Others around us were families with kids and grand kids.  We shared peanuts and popcorn like a big happy family.  The tickets were part of the fundraising efforts from an organization that provide counseling and legal assistance to kids from families that are going thru divorces.  We had a great time at the baseball game while supporting a good cause.  The Cardinals won 4-2. 
There were four young people sitting a few rows in front of us.  They looked too young to be drinking beers.  We thought of reporting them because they might be using fake photos IDs to purchase drinks.  The young ladies spent most of the time with their phones taking photos then texting to their BFFs on "Buttbook" (I heard this term from someone).
Ralphie took a vacation day today.  He has been working long hours since the previous manager quit last October and the new manager who came on board since March still learning the ropes.  We are not planning any road trip this Memorial weekend.  Last Sunday was only the 2nd time Ralphie went golfingHe Who Has a few pars likes to search for balls that have fancy logos.  He plans to golf everyday this 4-day weekend.
Enjoy the first long weekend of the summer and don't forget to display the flag!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Since I don't have to read hundred of pages of textbook or working on assignments, I have the luxury of doing nothing.  This morning, I spent time enjoying the wildlife in my backyard.  This squirrel looks like he is just a baby.  He is playing or exploring the flower box (I plan to get flowers this weekend), examing the angel planter, searching for something to eat.
After he got tired of playing in the flower box, he decided to climb up the little tree (top photo).  There is a bird nest in the tree.  I watched as the squirrel jumped off the tree, ran across the yard, being chased by a robin, yelling "Get off our tree, you freeloader squirrel".  I thought of going over to check on the nest and the baby robins (I saw three eggs in the nest a few weeks ago) but I decided to leave the task to the parents.  From the way the robin flapping her wings while cursing at the squirrel, I am sure she knew how to defend her home and protect her youngsters. 


When I first saw the above license plate, I thought it was "IM-GOOD".  Only after I transferred the image from the camera to the USB that I realized it was "IM-GOGO".  Now I am really confused (and you know how easy I get confused in my old age).  What does the person want to announce to the world?  That she is always on the GO, a busy mom or an executive with a full schedule.  I am sure it does not mean "I am a GoGo dancer" but one never knows!
I have been enjoying my "temporary" freedom the last two weeks.  Summer semester starts on June 5th and I will be taking only one class, Evidence.  I finished the Spring semester with 3 A's and a B - not bad for going back to school at 52+.  "I AM GOOD"!

Saturday, May 04, 2013


Benjamin is very happy since he got a big payout today from the bet on the horse named "ORB" to Win, Place and Show.  Well, ORB ran around the muddy track to win the 139th Kentucky Derby race and now Benjamin is on his way to collect the money from "Owen the Big Bookie"!  (These photos were taken from our Bourbon Trail road trip last September.)
It has been raining the last three days.  It was sunny and comfortable on Thursday morning but became cloudy when I came home late afternoon from a seminar that provided free lunch.  (My husband makes fun of how I only go to events, especially open house at retirement homes, just to get free lunch.  He said that I knocked down old ladies when the dessert tray being passed around.  I told him that desperate time calls for desperate action.  Being unemployed, I have to do whatever I could to survive and to put cookies in my mouth!).
Good thing I brought a sweater with me since it was cold in the library.  This week, we had a research assignment instead of the regular class.  It was pouring and in the lower 40s when I walked from the library to the parking lot.  It rained all day on Friday.  I stayed home, completed and submitted both the library research paper and civil trial assignment.  I allowed myself a break watching recap of the Stanley Cup playoffs games.  Then back to getting ready for the final exams next week.
It rained in the morning and stopped but remained cloudy.  We stayed home all day.  In between studying, I tried to reorganized the storage area in the basement, getting ready for the next shredding event.  I found a lot of interesting items and will be sharing what I found walking down the memory lane. 

Friday, May 03, 2013


What exactly is the purpose of having a breathalyzer on your key chain?  Unless you are planning to drink heavily and want to make sure your blood alcohol level does not go over the legal limitSo you could conveniently check your breath using the Breathalyzer on your key chain and then put the key into the ignition and start driving.  What if you are so drunk and would not know or even see the alcohol level stating that it is way over the limit?
Last month, a drunken fool in a pickup killed two people (grandparents) and injured 2 (mother and 10-day old baby), when the fool slammed into the family while they were simply enjoying a family walk in the afternoon in their neighborhood in Wedgwood, Seattle.  The fool was a repeated offender with two prior arrests since October 2012.  According to the report that the blood draw evidence in this case could be thrown out because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision out of Missouri.  (I actually attended a presentation and met Missouri Supreme Court Justice last month and she mentioned about the ruling that the police must get a warrant to take blood in a suspected DUI crash.)
I received the above advertisement in an email sent to my college account.  Is this what high education is about - providing the tools for students to get around the law instead of taking responsibilities?
I plan to report to the college this kind of "idiotic" advertisement and also follow closely the Seattle court decision.  I will provide update in future posts.  Please feel free to share your comments on either the advertisement or the court case.   

Thursday, May 02, 2013


 I could not come up with something clever to post for these photos.  I leave it to QQ as he is the smart one in the family - haa haa!
Knock, knock
Who is there?
Da Qaptain.
Which one?
Captain Wohlt that is who.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


The last few weeks, we watched the robin flying in and out, busy bringing "materials" to build her nest in the little tree outside my home office.  I have taken photos of the little blue eggs in previous years, so I won't disturb this robin as she might abandon the nest if I got too close.
It is getting warm today, already in the 80s.  Rain is coming our way for the rest of the week.  Can't believe it is May already.  Any summer vacation plans?   


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