Thursday, February 20, 2014


 "17 City Locations - 5 Million Items - 1 Great City - 1 Great Library"
This image is an example of "the best of both world".  Two of my favorite bloggers are Qaptain Qwerty and Busboy (Bus Stories).  So when I saw the advertisement about St. Louis Public Library (QQ loves library) on City Bus (I enjoy reading weekly well-written and interesting stories Busboy shared each Sunday), I knew I found a perfect and "the best of both world" image!


I won $4 (that is four dollars with two zeroes after the decimal point), not the $425 millions Powerball jackpot (that is the one with two comas and many zeroes after the decimal point) …. Well, I still got love (or do I, really ????) . . . I’d better get back to Nebraska to catch up with the wagon for the Gold Rush . . .

The temperature this week is rather interesting.  Today is cloudy with a constant threat of rain, just normal rain, not freezing or sleet.  Temperature is in the high 60s, almost 70s.  Thus, the title of this Thursday Ramblings post “Spring is around the corner” …. (these photos were taken a few years ago at a Home and Garden expo).

Yesterday evening, after another long day at work, I went to my Employment Law class.  It was nice not having to run from the parking lot- no freezing temperature, no falling snow – just a pleasant walk to the building, to the classroom, where I would be spending the next 3.5 hours, being attentive to the lecture and trying to ignore my hunger (after eating a banana and a bag of mini peanut butter crackers, not much to be considered dinner).

“Hang on TOTA, you are almost there”, I said to myself.  Two more weeks (I am working on a Position Statement and the Final Exam on March 5th) to the completion of the program . . . a long journey … I could almost see the Finish Line . . .

It was hard to believe when I saw the temperature reached 68 on Tuesday (Feb. 18th).  What a wonderful treat, even though I know it will not last very long.  All the snow was gone which makes me a bit upset since I just gave “Luc” a nice bath (a good wash at an auto spa), all the water from the road splashed all over my clean car!

On Monday (Feb. 17th) was a different story.  There was freezing rain in the morning and then just cloudy in the high 20s.  I did not plan to go anywhere but I offered to help drive an old person to the doctor’s office.  I was a bit concerned about the roads  but it was not too bad.  After dropping off this person, I visited another parishioner and brought him Holy Communion.  I told my husband these good deeds should fill up my "Blessings basket", just in time for the Lenten season!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I completely forgot about this license plate taken when we were on our road trip to San Francisco last July (2013).  This would have been an excellent photo for Valentine’s Day.  Better late than never.
I am not against the celebration of Valentine’s Day but regular readers know I don’t personally care for it either.  However, not wanting to be accused of being “valentinephobia” or “the geezer/Grinch that stole Valentine’s Day”, I’d better extend my sincere wishes to everyone for a very Belated Happy Valentine’s Day – All we need is love … and winning the jackpot from this week Powerball … $400 millions would definitely get me a lot of love ….


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