Saturday, October 27, 2012


These are the photos from our Sunday Drive to Hermann, Missouri last weekend.  The town was not as crowded as expected being that it was Oktoberfest.  It could be because it was already 1300 by the time we got there.  The first thing we did was visiting our vacation home.  Well, we wanted to purchase the house, made an offer but the owner refused.  She did not have a horse or pony, so we could not threaten her that we would do harm to her beloved animal.  Besides, would that be illegal to put a bloodly head of a horse in someone's bed while he is sleeping?  
This would have been the view from our bedroom windows overlooking the Missouri River!
This would have been the view of downtown Hermann from our dining room!
We drove the T-bird to Hermann with the top down.  It was sunny and comfortable.  CP mentioned that he planned to put the hard top on to get ready for winter.  I need to check the storage room and stock up on supplies.  Last week while looking out the backyard, we watched the squirrels gathering nuts or whatever food he could find, my husband commented that it must be hard on the little guy.  "But he never had to worry about getting a job, working for a terrible boss/company, mortgage, debts, kids' college education or saving for retirement", I responded. 
This morning was a bit chilly with temperature in the 40s.  It got up to high 50s and was sunny most of the day.  Freeze warning has been issued for tonight.  I checked the weather in Gardiner, Montana and they already got snow there.  I called my Mom earlier and she told me that there is sufficient food and water in the house.  Let's hope "Sandy" won't cause major problems to the areas in her path.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


These photos were taken last May (2012) when my sister CH came into town.  CH enjoys baseball and is knowledgable about the game while my area of expertise is hockey and football.  We had a great time and the Cardinals won that day, unlike what happened in the National League Champion Series - blah!
I uploaded these photos getting ready to celebrate the Cardinals winning game 5 on Friday (10/19).  They loss 0-5.  On Sunday (10/21), once again I was ready to publish this post with the title "CELEBRATIONS" in anticipation that the Cardinals would win game 6.  They loss 1-6.  The whole town got nervous but also excited with game 7 on Monday (10/22).  The Cardinals was eliminated with an embarrassing final score 0-9.  What happened? 
It was not at all comforting to hear comments such as "The Cardinals had a great season.  They should be proud of what they had accomplished."  Well, it is one thing to hold your head high and your chin up but knowing you did not achieve the ultimate goal which was the World Series Championship.  And how do you explain that after a 3-1 lead, your team was eliminated?  What happened?
I was hoping that the 2012 WS would be between the Yankees v. the Cardinals.  My sister CH would come to STL and we both could go to NYC for the games.  But then I might be forced to choose which team to cheer for.  I would not have any problems now that the battle is set between the Detroit Tigers v. SF Giants.  This time, I will be sure not to upload any photos or making any premature predictions!


Once upon the time I used to create "Where is Benjamin?" posts for my nephew to find since he enjoys the I Spy game.  It was too easy for JL as I could not find creative ways to make it more interesting (it is difficult for Benjamin to blend into the background with his bright yellow body and an attractive smiling face).  As you could see from the above photo of Benjamin sitting in a bed of colorful flowers at Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, KY, that he not exactly difficult to spot.
Inside the gift shop there are plenty of quirky and strange looking items (above) and wacky decor, fun things for the kids to do and play. 

What a real trooper that Benjamin was!  Even though he was feeling rather blue (because we would not let him open the 14-year old bottle of bourbon for a sip), Benjamin still smiles brightly while singing "Tell me who do you love?  Tell me what love has to do with it?"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Benjamin at Lynn's Paradise Cafe that is!  You could see that Benjamin was still full of spirits from tasting all the bourbon at Wild Turkey as he did a "look Ma no hands" hanging on a golf lamp on the counter at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.  There are other funky looking lamps around the gift shops but I did not take any photos because it would not be appropriate to show these "adult content" lamps being that this is a family-oriented blog!
Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals on advancing to the National League Championship Series.  (Alisa, I was too quick with my prediction when I posted the comment on your blog.  The Cardinals was down 3-6 bottom of the 5th so I thought they would be eliminated.  They came back and beat the Nationals 9-7.)  I also spoke too early when I said to my husband that my NY Yankees will kick his Detroit Tigers' butt in the American League Championship Series.  Well, the Yankess loss the first two games in NY and with Derek Jeter out for season (ankle), I am not sure if there is any hope for the Yankees!
Regular readers probably noticed that I have not mentioned about the NHL lockout (again), all the games cancelled thru October 24th.  I am fine at this point but I am not sure what I would do when football season is over.  I think about it tomorrow!  Talk about football, my beloved Patriots loss to the Seahawks 23-24 in a very upsetting game yesterday, especially Patriots had 13-point lead with eight minutes left in the 4th.  Brady threw two interceptions, a few missed throws and safeties too deep in the play allowing Seahawks to throw and run the ball. 
Last week was the Knights of Columbus 2012 Annual Tootsie Roll Drive.  I helped on Thursday and Friday and both of us helped on Saturday and Sunday as well as after 10:15 Mass.  On Sunday, it was windy in the morning but we had clear blue sky and sunny in the afternoon.  Halloween decoration already is in full swing as I saw a few houses in our neighborhood got "t-ping" (toilet paper on the trees).  I wonder how this sort of prankster got started.  It is a waste of useful resource.  If only I could tell these kids what we had to do without toilet paper in the refugee camp.  We had to walk miles and miles to get to a spot in the wood, do our business and then .............

Monday, October 15, 2012


Prior to our road trip I usually check the website  for interesting attractions or places to visit.  Above is the 8-ft tall bright red coffee pot and a giant yellow coffee cup on display in front of Lynn's Paradise Cafe in downtown Louisville, KY.  There are other quirky items around the parking lot which was almost full when we were there at around 18:00 on Sunday, September 2nd.

These giant flower pots and a funky looking lion were on display the opposite sidewalk from the coffee pot.  To get to the restaurant, you have to walk thru a gift shop which was the whole idea to get people to buy stuff they don't need.  The gift shop was packed with bizarre items.  You might be able to see some of these items on the website  We were not hungry at the time so we just sat at the counter and enjoyed pie and coffee.  The decoration around the restaurant was colorful and the staff is very interesting.  You need to be there to decide whether the cafe is your cup of tea (or coffee)!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sunday, September 2nd - After the tour at Wild Turkey in Lawrenceburg, KY, we continued on to Louisville.  Churchill Downs was on our list to visit.  We love to say "We were there" whenever we watch commercial featuring major landmarks and so proud that we have been to all those places!  It was already late in the day when we got there because we saw employees (people in uniform and badges) leaving the building.     
According to the website,, there are regular live racing schedules besides the world famous Kentucky Derby (May 3, 2013 is the next scheduled event).  Someone once told me do not blink when watching the Derby or look away from the television screen because I would miss the whole experience since the entire race lasts about two minutes!
There is a gift shop inside the building but we did not go in.  I personally was surprised that the surrounding area was a bit unflattering compared to the display of wealth, well-dressed people, ladies with their decorated hats, and beautiful horses shown on television during the Derby.  We did not stay long enough so it is not my intention to make any judgement on the neighborhood.  I am sure the benefits generated by those in attendance spent in one day at the Derby would help provide the income for the people living in the community.  Come to think of it, the winning horse is worth much more than my entire life saving!    
This week biggest Turkey goes to the Deputy Turkey (aka the Joker, the Hyena who constantly created distraction with interruption and idiotic laughs, the frustrated liar who got upset because smart people refused to accept his lies).  The race is on and it is time to replace the show horse that run an incomplete race with a new jockey getting to the finish line. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals on advancing to the Playoffs.  I thought of calling my sister CH about the disputed infield fly ruling that gave the victory to the Cardinals against the Braves in the Wild Card game last week.  CH knows baseball just like I know hockey and football so she would be able to explain what the dispute was about.  I know CH is not terribly upset about the Braves losing since she is a Yankees! 
One of the places we visited during our recent road trip to Kentucky was the Louisville Slugger Museum.  On Monday morning (September 3rd), after breakfast at the hotel (near the airport), we drove to downtown Louisville where the museum was located.  The Labor Day Parade was about to start.  A nice police officer told us where to park and how to get out of town quickly and not got stuck as most of the streets were closed for the duration of the parade.
The last image gives a few details about the Big Bat.  It is soaring 120 feet into the sky.  The first photo shows the people standing at the base of the bat looking like toy soldiers.  The bat weighs 68,000 lbs and if hollowed, could hold up to 30,000 gallons of water.
We toured the factory and saw the cubicles where the official bats were made and ready to be shipped to many famous baseball players such as Derek Jeter, Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman etc.  It was a nice gesture from the factory to give each guest a free mini-bat after the tour.  On display in the museum was a bat Babe Ruth carved notches in for every home run he hit with it and other great artifacts about many baseball great players.  My husband took a few swings in the batting cage using a replica bat models from some of the all-time favorite hitters like Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio.
We did not get a chance to walk along the Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame, the one mile sidewalks along Main Street where players such as Ken Griffey, Jr., Stan Musial, Ty Cobb etc. are enshrined with a bronze caste of the Louisville Slugger model bat they used, and a bronze home plate with the name and highlights of their career.  As an early Christmas present, I got my husband a personalized full size, MLB regulation baseball bat with his name engraved and the St. Louis Cardinals on the barrel.  It was an enjoyable visit and even if you are not a baseball fan, I highly recommended the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory as a great historical and fun place to be.  You could even take their virtual tour at and order your own personalized bat, just in time for Christmas :) 

Monday, October 08, 2012

GO QAP GO !!!!!!

 I got my copy of Runner's World November 2012 Issue and have been telling everyone in St. Louis that I know Qaptain Qwerty, the World Famous Runner from Brooklyn, New York.  If you have not gotten your copy, you might be out of luck because the issue might be sold out!  Congratulations, Go Qap Go .......  
It was a cold morning today, only in the 40 when I was on the way to the doctor for an annual physical check-up.  I am pleased to report that all is well.  I got the same reminders from Doc - slim down, exercise more and don't read too much into any latest medical news (something is good for you today might become bad tomorrow).  After the exam, I spent almost an hour waiting to a blood test done.  Nothing serious, Doc just wanted to keep an eye on the cholesterol and as preventative measures.  The afternoon was warm in the high 50 but felt much warmer when standing in the sun.  Whether you got a day off or have to work today, Happy Columbus Day! 

Saturday, October 06, 2012


These photos were taken at the company picnic in August.  There were activities such as the "marathon" for kids in three age categories, 5 to 6, 7 to 9 and all the other 10+ years old.
To make it a little more challenging, each runner was given a balloon with instructions that they must pick up the balloon if they dropped it during the run.  Runners would race toward the spot marked with a red lawn chair, then turned around and whoever got back to the finish line which was the same spot as the starting line, would win the race.  My husband and I were asked to stand by the lawn chair to "officiciate" by telling the kids to turn around and run toward the finish line. 
We noticed one kid in a lime/yellow shirt holding a green balloon (above photo) took his sweet time at the beginning of the race.  Then half way thru the "marathon", he decided to stop and played with the balloon instead of continue running.  Only when the other kids turned around running toward the finish line, he started running toward the lawn chair.  We tried to encourage the kid to turn around and start running the other way but not only he did not listen, he sat down on the chair until his mom came over and carried him back to their table.  My husband made a comment about a certain politician who refused to listen to the people when we tell him that he is going the wrong way while leading our country in the wrong direction.  The option for this politician would be the same as with the kid who did not follow the rules - have his "mommy" take him out of the race!      

Thursday, October 04, 2012


 A statue of master distiller, Booker Noe, with his dog Dot.

It is almost a perfect day today, sunny with comfortable temperature.  After a few months of extreme hot summer weather and a few days of heavy rains mixed in with thunderstorms, we have finally gotten beautiful days with temperature in the mid 60s.  Last week, it even went down to 40s in the morning.  Our yard is dotted with falling leave and Halloween decorations are seen around the neighborhood.  October is a rather confusing month with the stores displaying items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, all at the same time.  I heard a northwestern state already got a few inches of snow.  Autumn is my favorite season but I sure don't look forward to raking the leave!     

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Since I have posted a few photos from Wild Turkey Distillery, it is only fair that I should also post photos taken at Jim Bean.  The street address for Jim Bean Visitor Center was 149 Happy Hallow Road in Clermont, KY.  I thought the name Happy Barrels would have been more fitting considering all the barrels in the warehouses.  As of February 2012, there were about 4.7 million barrels of bourbon aging in Kentucky warehouses.
 Here are a few things I learned from our visit to the Bourbon Country.  All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.  Corn whiskey produced in Kentucky was called bourbon because of its origin from Bourbon County in central Kentucky.  By law, bourbon must be  produced in the United States (if it is not, it must be called whiskey, got it?); made of a grain mix at least 50 percent corn; distilled at less than 160 proof; free of additives except water to cut the proof; age in new, charred, white oak barrels; aged for a minimum of 2 years in order to be call "straight" bourbon.


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