Saturday, April 26, 2014


We went to a Shelby Fest today in Hermann, Missouri.  It was cloudy but comfortable.  Luckily it started to rain around 1430 when the show was almost over.  Not sure why this 1968 Grand Torino was in the Show but I thought it was good that it was there so I could take pictures for Qaptain Qwerty since he likes that movie, Grand Torino.
After walking around, we were hungry and decided to go to a BBQ place for late lunch/early dinner.  Ralphie got a beef brisket sandwich and I had a pork sandwich.  We share half of our sandwiches, and I liked the beef brisket better than the pork.  Ralphie liked both the beef and the pork.
There were over 100 cars on display and these were the two I liked the most.  This was the 6th year since the Show started.  The proud owners of these "toys" came from as far as California, Minnesota, Texas to nearby Iowa and Illinois.  This year I decided not taking any photos of a group of men standing around looking (and drooling) over the engine and talking about the car as if it was the most beautiful thing they ever saw!
Have a good weekend and enjoy whatever you are doing!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


My workplace is located in a very nice area.  In addition to walking during lunch break, I also get out for a 10 minutes walk, either in the morning or late afternoon.  This park is three blocks from my building.  I thought it was a real dog because of the bandana but then I realized it was a sculpture.  I thought of Qaptain Qwerty and his dog-walking with the shelter.
I always like the "Does your dog bite?" joke - it is an old joke but a good one about mis-communication.
Person #1 standing next to a dog, then Person #2 walks by, stops and asks #1, "Does your dog bite?".  #1 said, "No, my dog does not bite."
#2 started to pat the dog, the dog bit #2's hand.
#2 yelled at #1, "You said your dog does not bite.  He just bit my hand."
#1 responded, "This is not my dog.  My dog is at home and he does not bite."

Monday, April 21, 2014


I thought of a few different titles for this post, A Slice of Heaven, A "Peace" of Heaven, Heavenly Sweet or Desert for the Soul.

We had perfect weather for Easter - sunny and comfortable.  We went to Mass and then a leisure drive to Forest Park in the T-bird.  There was a classic car show there.  We got stuck in traffic after we got to the park and decided that we were too old to put up with it.  We turned around, went home and took a nap instead!
Stanley Cup Playoffs started last week.  The St. Louis Blues are playing real well but it looks like my beloved Red Wings could use a lot of prayers!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I don't have any photos of a cake decorated with running or runners or bicycles - so this cake in front of the Museum of the Dogs might be a good fit since QQ has been helping a local shelter as a volunteer walking the dogs.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Alisa, you probably already saw this cake (you mentioned someone already posted about the cakes).  I checked the website and the cakes are supposed to be on display until the end of 2014.  I hope you will get to see and take photos of the cakes when you are home in November.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


We won … my Beloved Detroit Red Wings won 3-0 against the St. Louis Blues.  The Wings came into town today and played an early game at 1130.  It was the St. Louis Blues’ last home game and Fans Appreciation Day.  In the past, there would be drawings for round-trip airfares, next season tickets, party suites and many more prizes.  We were so disappointed.  At today’s game, all we got was a tiny inexpensive towel and a $10 coupon for purchase over $50 at a shoe store.  We bought raffle tickets but did not win.  The pot was over $22K and some lucky fan went home with half of that.

The Playoffs Match-Up was already set, so the game was not important.  But it was always nice when the team you are cheering for win.  The important thing was that we had a great time.
Da Wings will play the Boston Bruins in Round 1 – a perfect Original Six match-up.  The Blues will meet Chicago Blackhawks and that should be interesting too.
Let’s hope it won’t be “ta ta” (farewell) and more of Tatar :>)

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Benjamin is trying to take a big bite out of the cake located at Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center in St. Charles.

Part of the celebration of St. Louis 250th Birthday, approximately 200 birthday cakes are on displayed throughout the area.  The cake is four-feet tall and each is decorated by different artists.  For more information about the cakes and the celebration, visit

Alisa, I thought of you and the boys – I am sure they would enjoy these decorated cakes.  They would win the contest for creating the best looking cake.


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