Saturday, November 23, 2013


 There are about 15 different vendors selling mostly handmade jewelries, clothing, arts and crafts items, gifts and home decor and Christmas decorations from over 20 developing countries such as Uganda, Kenya, China, India, Mexico etc.  Do you have Fair Trade Market in your area?
I was told that these items are made by low-income women and orphans and the Market helps them sell their works with regular orders which in turn help reduce poverty and child labor.
The above display includes recycled paper jewelry, bone jewelry, and handmade bags.  Visit for more information about the organization and the handicrafts.


Earlier today, I went to a Fair Trade Market sponsored by a local church.  I will share photos and a few interesting items that are for sale at the Market in later posts.  Traffic was heavy along this road where the above banner was hung.  It was a good idea to attract would-be shoppers.  However, I find humor in the words "fair trade" since right behind the banner is the cemetery - would there ever be "fair trade" when it comes to living and dying?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The storm that came through last weekend did not impact the area where we are.  Sadly other nearby towns in Missouri, and also Illinois side did suffer terrible damages.

I am taking a deep breath and a long exhale after submitting three assignments – a Petition, a Statement of Facts and a Demand Letter, all personal injuries cases!

I have to re-write a pleading, Answer and Counterclaim against a Petition in Rent and Possession.

The midterm exam for Torts class was last week but the instructor has not posted the grade.  The 2nd test for Legal Writing is tonight.

It is cloudy and the forecast calls for rain in the evening.  I checked the weather channel on my iPad and saw that snow was coming to Gardiner, Montana.  Are you ready for winter?

Monday, November 18, 2013


What is so special about December 11th? 
I am counting the days leading up to Wednesday, December 11th when I shall be free again!

December 3rd is the deadline for submitting my Legal Writing portfolio (Pleading, Statement of Facts, Demand Letter and Legal Memorandum).
The next day, December 4th is final exam for Torts class.
Final exam for Legal Writing is scheduled on Tuesday, December 10th.

On December 11th I will get up whenever I want, go wherever I wish to go and do whatever I feel like doing. 
On December 11th there would be no reading hundreds of pages of “legal mumbo jumbo”, no drafting assignments, no researching statutes, cases to write up briefs (IRAC – Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion) and no trying to stay awake in class after working all day.
On December 11, 2013, I will be free, well, until January 15, 2014 when the Spring semester starts.  I will be taking Employment Law, my last required coursework for the Legal Studies program.  I can’t wait!

Monday, November 11, 2013


To our servicemen and women - Thank You and Blessings to you and your family.


Hey QQ, thought of you when I saw this license plate.  (Next time I need to remember to stand back further so my shadow would not show.  It looks almost like Benjamin!)

All is well in STL.  Will write more later.


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