Sunday, June 01, 2014


This cake is on display at the Butterfly House and I believe it is one of the best decorated piece.  Of course, the theme is easy and butterfly is such a lovable, colorful species.  (I just realized that the word "species" is both singular and plural - I need to pay more attention and try to improve my limited vocabulary!)
Back in 2011, when I was "thrown off the bridge", instead of feeling sorry for myself, after spending time in the morning on job search, I volunteered for 4 hours in the afternoon, three days a week at the Butterfly House. 
I learned about the butterfly from the training and enjoyed explaining to visitors.  I enjoyed talking to people from out of town, especially tourists from other countries.  Most of the volunteers were nice to work with but there were a few that were "questionable"!
I highly recommend the Butterfly House if you are visiting St. Louis.  It is a fun place and most of the kids love the butterflies.  (There were a few that were terrified of the butterfly, especially when a butterfly landed on their body.  The more I tried to explain that the butterfly would not hurt them, the more the kids became frighten!)
It is getting warm today - we were planning to drive around in the T-bird but we decided to stay indoor.  I should clean up my office, organize the closets and it's time to gather items for donations.  Oh, all my earthly possessions - they could be more burden than blessings when you have more than you actually need.  What earthly possessions will you give away today?

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