Sunday, June 24, 2007


A recent article in Sunday Parade magazine entitled, "7 Symptoms men should never ignore", brought to mind a regret I have and wishing I could have warned my Dad about the early signs of colon cancer.

By accident, my Mom discovered the bright red blood in the stool after my Dad came out of the bathroom, she insisted that he see the doctor. The surgery was scheduled quickly to remove the cancer in the colon. Unfortunately, it was too late as the cancer already spread to the liver. After two years of chemotherapy, the liver cancer took my Dad's life. He was only 66 years old. How I wish my Dad did not ignore the critical warning signs.

After I turned 40, I decided to undergo a colonoscopy. It was unpleasant but I knew it was important to take care of this as prevention and early detection. My sister and brothers also had the exams as we are considered high risk based on family history.

I am dedicating this entry to the memory of my Dad and encourage everyone, particularly the men, to take better care of their health by paying attention to the symptoms and make an appointment for a check-up immediately.

Chest pain - Don't discount as only heartburn and pay attention to less obvious signs.

Shortness of breath - It could be signs of congestive heart failure.

Unintended weight loss - Everyone tries to lose weight but not when it occurs suddenly and quickly. It could be an overactive thyroid gland or the first hint of cancer.

Blood in the urine or stool - Don't brush off and assume it is only hemorthoids. Early detection for colon cancer, kidney or bladder disease should be in order if there is bright red or dark blood in the urine or stool.

Changes in urination - A simple physical exam could help find early detections of prostate cancer.

Leg swelling - Could be underlaying cause and early warning of heart, kidney or liver disease

Skin lesions that don't go away - Wounds or ulcers that don't heal after a few days could be early clues of diabetes or skin cancer.

Please remember to have annual physical exam and remember real men take care of their health so that they would be around for a long time to take care of their families.

Please visit for a complete article on this Special Report on Men's Health.

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