Sunday, June 03, 2007


"I am not available," I yelled out to my husband as the phone started to ring. I was trying to watch game 3 of the Stanley Cup (hockey) between Ottawa Senators v. Anaheim Ducks and game 6 of the NBA (basketball) Eastern Conference between the Detroit Pistons v. Cleveland Cavaliers. I was in the living room watching the hockey game on the large screen television. I position the television in the family room so I could have a direct view of the Pistons game from where I was sitting in the living room. I kept an eye on both games switching channels during commercial breaks.

My husband still teases me of being a sport fanatic about the time when I commented, "Who would be calling during the Superbowl?" when the phone rang during the game. CP said (and I agreed) that not everyone in the country cared about Superbowl if their teams were not in the game. Before-Tom Brady (BTB) and Before-New England Patriots (BNEP), I did not care much about Superbowl either. I agree that there are other important things in life than sports.

I think watching sports give people (or a short, chubby, middle-age woman like me) a feeling of being part of something beyond their own inability, the physical shortcomings. I could yell at the players for losing the puck or Ben Wallace not making the free throws or Tom Brady throwing an interception. For a few hours, I could pretend that my opinions matter and when my team won the game, I was there to celebrate the victory, forgetting about the boring routine of daily tasks.

For the 2nd straight years, the Detroit Pistons, being the top-seeded in the NBA Eastern Conference, did not reach the finals. Just like the Red Wings, the Pistons won the first two games but crushed the fans by losing the next four games to the Cleveland Cavaliers. For all the three-pointers by Prince, Hamilton and Wallace, the Cavaliers won game 6 with 15 points lead. They will face San Antonio Spurs in game 1 in the NBA finals on Thursday, June 7.

I am pleased to report that the Senators played a strong and solid game against the Ducks to win game 3 (5-3). It was a great game, especially the go-ahead goal deflected by the Ducks' player into his own net. You could tell how much I dislike this player that I won't even mention his name. This player has records a mile long of using his physical status to do harm to others. I never forget the incident when he tried to hurt Steve Yzerman knowing fully that Stevie played with one bad leg and a knee awaiting surgery. Let's hope for a repeat of performance from the Senators on game 4, Monday, June 4.

So that was how it happened - you win some, you lose some.

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