Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Borrowing from the masthead logo (dated back to 1896) from the New York Times, "All The News That's Fit to Print," here are a few comments on the random blogs I have come across.

I found Patricia Winter's blog, after clicking "Next Blog" and her entry about sending handmade pocket-size dolls to a shelter for women in Holland, Michigan caught my eyes. That was a few weeks ago, since then I have added her blog to my daily reading. I appreciate what Pat and other ladies are doing with their Comfort Doll Project. According to her blog, this is a world wide effort, including people from oversea (Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, and England) sent their handmade dolls to Pat and when she gets a dozen, she would send the dolls to shelters in order of when she receives their requests for the comfort dolls. Each doll has a note tucked inside with a message of hope and encouragement, telling these women that someone cares about what they are going through. That they are unique, beautiful and worthy. The dolls are symbols of comfort when the women need the strength to rebuilt their lives and move forward from abusive situation or negative environment.

I don't read cooking, baking or vegetarian blogs. I am a woman with very little interest when it comes to home decorations, recipes, crafts and arts. It is because I have no talents and very domestically challenge.

I saw a few blogs for golf leagues, community blogs for golf courses, neighborhoods, school or family reunions, informational blogs for friends and family to keep in touch. I don't read political blogs as they are always one-sided. Just seeing the clock (in a prominent place on the sidebar) adding up the cost of the war in Iraq, I can tell what side (left or right), what political party and the agenda of the bloggers.

There are many blogs that are written by mothers with small children. I am surprised that people post photos and full names of their children. I am just too paranoid to do that and I don't even have children! I came across a blog from a lady who has 9 children and 12 grandkids. She mentioned in one entry that she was trying to learn how to upload photos to her blog so she could post photos of all her 12 grandkids. Maybe I could help her now that I know more and could do more with my new template (ha).

There are blogs written by individuals who suffer from mental illnesses, depressions, addictions and others who are unhappy with their lives and blogging provides somewhat a relief for their situation. Blogging gives people such as a lady who lives on a farm in Iowa, reaching out to others helps lessen the loneliness and isolation in her life.

I don't know why there are so many blogs in foreign languages come up whenever I click on Next Blog. There are a few blogs in Vietnamese. I have not found anyone from St. Louis or recognize who the blogger was someone I might know. There is an American blogger who lives in Paris. She has a new baby and lives in a house that is undergoing renovation. In one of the photos, there was no wall in their bathroom because her husband, who started a new job, did not have the time to purchase drywall and a new door.

Pastor Chad's blog, is another blog I enjoy reading. I found out about this blog from being on the email list of weekly sermons sent by Pastor Chad. The Pastor is the youngest (and only) son of RJS, my former employer in Michigan. (Please read my entry "Happy Birthday RJS" on February 19, 2007 about RJS being a great boss, mentor and a kind person I am so blessed to work for.) Chad was a high school student when I first started working at his father's company. We met a few times when Chad came into the office. A well-built young man, already over 6 ft. tall, Chad was planning for a football career. An injury in his senior year prevented Chad from getting an athletic scholarship to attend college. Chad began his freshman year at Northwestern University with a plan for pre-med. There is a saying, "A person could plan, but only God knows what the future would be." When I left Michigan, Chad had transfered to Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

A few years later, RJS informed me in an email that Chad was ordained a minister. I could tell that RJS was very proud of Chad. For a few years, Chad was a pastor at a church in Upstate New York. The young man whom I met almost 17 years ago, just turned 33 earlier this month, is currently a senior pastor at a church in LaFayette, Indiana. Pastor Chad and his wife are proud parents of three blonde hair, blue eyes boys. RJS mentions in his email how much he enjoys being grandpa and spending time with the grandsons who are the pride and joy in his life.

I really enjoy writing my blog and reading others'. I will add to my list of iRead Blogs when I find blogs that are of interest to me and worth mentioning to my adoring fans. Blogging has provided a great way to connect with friends and family as well as strangers and I look forward to reading all the blogs that fit to read.

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