Monday, October 22, 2007


After many months of sending out resumes and going to interviews after work, I finally received an offer that is not only comparable to the current wages but with 20% more of the total compensation (base salary, benefits and pension package). I am planning to give my two-week notice soon. I was able to negotiate with the new employer as there is an important event in November that I would like to stay with the Association and hand in my resignation after that.

I understand that an employee leaving should give two-week notice. However, it is ironic that the employers are not obligated to do the same. Many times employees are given notice right before the holidays or come to work and find out the doors are locked with a notice that the company went out of business.

I am so glad to move on. I will be working in an organization that respects me as a person, and not being treated as a clerical assistant. I will be recognized for my talents (writing), my education (a gradudate degree in communication) and most of all, not being subjected to constant harrassment. I will leave behind the "good ol' boy network" where men find every which ways to reward each other (handing out bonus like lollipop) while someone else is doing most of the work.

I am moving on to a positive work environment where no one will throw tandrum, or turn a minor problem into a tirade and outburst of red-face, yelling demeaning comments or incompetent men are being paid high wages because of who they know and not what they are capable of doing the work required. I am moving on to where I will be appreciated and respected, where I will be recognized for my potentials and not as a threat to someone's egos and where people are treated with dignity and men behave in civilized manners.

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