Friday, October 26, 2007


As the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox are battling for the World Series Championship, I thought posting photos from our vacation in Colorado last year would be fitting for the occassion. I admit that baseball does not excite me and I don't know much about the sport. However, being from New York, I have to be against the Red Sox. Since my brother-in-law is living in Colorado and we had a great time visiting the State, I prefer to cheer for the Rockies. I hope the Rockies will be able to come back from the two-game deficit (Red Sox won the first two games) and at this writing, Saturday, October 27th, the Red Sox is leading 6-0, bottom of the 5th).

We visited Gardens of the Gods and saw the stunning beautiful giant red rock formations. It was incredible and overwhelming looking up at the rocks, various shapes, mysteriously formed, bright red under the sun. It is a must see when visiting Colorado.
A great view of the Royal Gorge and the Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, spanning 1053 feet above the Arkansas River. My husband drove the thunderbird across the Bridge (photo below) while I slowly and carefully walked across, trying so hard not to look down. It was somewhat windy that day and my heart stopped while holding on to the steel cables every time the wind "gently" swung the bridge.

I took this photo while driving back down from the summit of Pikes Peak. I read a few books to know about the altitute in Colorado but I was overwhelmed when we finally reached the top of Pikes Peak. I was out of breath when walking fast from the parking lot towards the bathroom. I almost fainted, felt dizzy, unbalance and a sense of the ground moving under my feet. At 14,110 feet above sea level, the temperature at the summit was so cold. It was flurries with a chance of snowing (it was July 3rd!). I got nervous at every turn as the roads were narrow with mountain on one side and the deep cliff on the other. Signs such as "falling rocks" and the rails that were half washed away made me pray harder.

Most of the roads in Colorado were pathways between range of mountains. We stopped often to capture the scenery and of course, with the thunderbird in the photos.

We spent one day in Aspen. We took the tram up to one of the ski lodges. Aspen was nice and as beautiful as any ski resorts. Of course, it is well known for the wealthy residents and visitors. I walked around town, looking at some of the shops but could not afford buying anything. Even the dogs have an attitude with their expensive collars and outfits.

We went to Vail the next day. I liked Vail much better. Somehow the town seemed to be less pretentious and friendlier. I purchased a nice jacket that was on sale and a few postcards.

More photos of the Royal Gorge. It is truly a nature wonder and the determination of men to conquer nature.

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