Sunday, February 03, 2008


I am now just getting over the biggest upset in NFL Super Bowl history - congratulations to Eli Manning and my hometown team New York Giants for defeating my beloved New England Patriots. It was a tight game and will be the most puzzled, talked about sport event for many years to come.

Since I could not get tickets this time, I thought of posting photos from the 2006 Super Bowl XL in Detroit, Michigan would help ease my pains. How was I able to get the tickets? Knowing the right person, I guess. During a meeting, I mentioned to a business acquaintance that I have family in Detroit and would love to attend the Super Bowl. He told me that his neighbor was a line judge and he would be able to get me tickets at original cost. And he did. My husband and I drove from St. Louis to Detroit, stayed at Brother JP house and attended our first Super Bowl. The Rolling Stone performed at half time. Two weeks earlier, we also saw Mick and the boys in St. Louis.

On the way back on Monday, while driving at 65 mile an hour on I-70 in Illinois, about an hour from St. Louis, we had a flat tire. I was driving and my husband was asleep in the passenger seat. Luckily no other vehicle was next to us and I was able to pull over without problem. Two highway troopers stopped to check on us but we were able to put on the spare tire and went on our way. Also, we were fortunate that it was cold but wasn't snowing and there was still daylight.

As I have previously stated that I would cheer for both teams, Patriots v. Giants; deep down I wanted my beloved Patriots to win, to make history as the second team with a perfect record, 19-0. But of course, life was never perfect. The Giants won 17-14. It was an imperfect ending for the Patriots.

There were so many people who did not want the Patriots to win. St. Louisians have not gotten over Adam Vinatieri's 48 yard field goal taking away the championship from the Rams in 2002. The 1972 Miami Dolphins rejoiced over the Patriots' defeat so they would remain the only team with the perfect season and the championship. Fans from other teams wanted revenge and cheering for the Giants was the only way they could get over the humiliations.

The Patriots defense was good enough to keep the Giants from moving the ball and no touch down the first three quarters. Offensively, the Patriots fell apart as there was no protections for Brady. TB kept getting sacked, rushed, causing him to throw too many imcomplete passes. I knew it was over when Eli Manning instead of being sacked, escaped and threw a pass to Tyree, with one handed catch, secured the ball by his helmet and held on to give the Giants much needed 1&10.

These are the photos taken from our seats. According to a news article, some people were willing to pay more than $3,500 for a ticket compared to the original cost of $700-$900. The demand was specially brisk this year, averaging about $4,300. When we purchased the tickets in 2006, we had to submit our names, home address, promised to use the tickets and not to resale for profit. Whenever I stand in line at the ladies room, I would casual comment that the only time I saw men standing in line to get into the restrooms was at the Super Bowl.

The Steelers celebrated their victory over the Seahawks.

The photo below was the presentation of quarterbacks from all the teams that won Super Bowl championships. It must be a wonderful feeling for Olivia (what a lovely name) Manning, the proud mother of Peyton Manning (the Colts won last year Super Bowl) and this year, Eli Manning and the NY Giants. Until next year, here is to the New York Giants and a well-deserved championship.

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