Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was able to capture but not a close-up snapshot of the billboard showing Nicklas Lidstrom asking "Are You In?" as the Red Wings again are in the playoffs. In future entries I will share with my adoring fans many interesting photos from the City of Detroit.

Here is my hockey pucks collection. I normally obtained the pucks representing the teams that I saw at the games. The above Original Six was purchased when we visited the Hockey Hall of Fame last year. I plan to purchase other pucks when attending the games in Montreal, Boston, and Chicago (I already got the Maple Leafs puck).
I have two New York Rangers pucks, the one below was obtained last December at the game and another puck was from a few years ago when the Rangers (Eastern Conference) made a rare visit to St. Louis (Western Conference) as the teams do not meet very often being from different conferences. I don't remember where and when I got the New Jersey Devils puck but it comes in handy for this entry. The Rangers won the first two games, loss game 3, then came back strong in game 4 & 5 to eliminate the Devils last Friday.
Currently (as of Sunday, April 20th) in the Eastern Conference, the Pittsburgh Penguins swept the Ottawa Senators and the New York Rangers eliminated the New Jersey Devils. The Boston Bruins forced game 7 when they won 5-4 in game 6 over the Montreal Canadiens. Game 6 between the Washington Capitals v. the Philadelphia Flyers was scheduled for Monday.
Old rivaries Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche will have an opportunity for an exciting match-up as both teams moved on to Round 2 after eliminated their opponents. Still fighting for a chance to advance are San Jose Sharks v. Calvary Flames and Dallas Stars v. Anaheim Ducks.
Latest News - As I am finishing up this entry, the Red Wings eliminated Nashville Predators in game 6 with a shutout 3-0. At-A-Boy Ozzie! Since winning its 10th Stanley Cup in 2002, the Red Wings disappointed many die-hard fans when the team was ousted by Anaheim Ducks in 2003, then again by Calgary Flames in 2004 and the worst heart-break painful series eliminated by the 8th seed Edmonton Oilers in 2006.
Why am I blogging instead of watching my beloved Red Wings game? Because even though the listing showed that the game would be on NBC, instead the local affiliated station was showing the Cardinals baseball game! In desperation, I began looking thru all the sports channels. Versus was showing a bicycle race and other stations were showing more baseball games, NBA playoffs, golf, bull riding and fishing! I could not believe a station even showed Bowling Tournament - an activity for girly men! How I wish I was in Canada, for sure with complete coverage from CBC (Hockey Night in Canada), TSN, RDS, I would never miss any playoffs series.

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