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Wow - it has been a few weeks since my last published entry. The last few weeks have gone by with so much to share with my adoring fans. So here are the things that have kept me busy beginning with the Blue Man Group concert, How to Be a Megastar Tour 2.1 at Scottrade Center on Friday, April 4th. The show was humorous, energetic with theatrical acts incorporate rock music with odd props. The lighting was overwhelming at time that I had to cover my eyes to avoid getting a headache. The music was not as loud as I thought it would be but the earplugs were handy. I was not sure if cameras were allowed inside and I did not want to leave my camera in the car, so we did not take any photos during the performance. Plus the photos probably would be too dark for posting anyway. The following photos are from the program.
The Blue Man Group consists of three mute performers who play various non-traditional instruments, spit paints on the audience and act without saying a word. The dress code is nondescript, utilitarian black clothing with the signature blue grease paint, latex bald caps, earless and without facial expressions. The only communication is thru the eyes and eyebrows suggesting curiosity, surprise, wonder, intense eye contact to show emotions and simple gestures which most of time create humor and reactions from the audience.

From the humble beginning nearly two decades ago with the three original Blue Man performing on the streets of New York City for passersby while working as caterers for a food company, the group has become an international show. There are about 60 Blue Men and only one known Blue Woman perform worldwide. Performers are between 5-10 and 6-1 tall and must endure tough physical requirements. Typical custom musical instruments in the shows are various sizes and types of PVC pipes, airpoles which create a "swoosh" sound when swung sharply, other noise makers, drum sticks and shaker gong.

The above page in the program illustrates various Rock Concert Movement such as the Basic Head Bob (moving your head up, down, side to side), Up and Down Jumping Motion and other silly movements to get the audience involved. At the end of the concert, after sitting properly in our seats, my husband and I joined in the Raise the Roof with both hand raised pushing upward like crazy people and The Two Arm Upward Thrust with Yell movements. At that moment, we felt so free, no longer inhibited in our natural behaviors!

The page below was the songs about Persona which was behaviors or masks we wear in public compared to the true inner self when we are alone or in our private element. Other songs were about people in the state of obsessive anxiety, unsure of where they belong and who their friends are. There were other acts that employ thought-provoking satire on modern life.
The next day, on Saturday, April 5th we attended the last home game of the St. Louis Blues playing a meaningless game against Columbus Blue Jackets because neither team would be in the playoffs. It was Fan Appreciation Day and there were many nice prizes (autographed items and airlines tickets) given out. We did not win anything but our section was selected to receive free burgers.
Manny Legace on the left chatting with Keith Tkachuk during practice.

Manny Legace was presented the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy which is given annually to a player who best exempligies the qualities of perserverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. Da Captain Steve Yzerman also received the Trophy in 2003.
Photo below shows the players gathered in the center of the ice, raised their sticks as an expression of thanks to the fans.
On Sunday, April 6th the flight at 8:30 a.m. took us to Detroit around 11:00 a.m. just in time to pick up our rental car, on our way to Joe Louis Arena for a 12:30 p.m. game between the two Original Six the Detroit Red Wings v. the Chicago Blackhawks. More about this day-trip in the next entry.

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