Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We arrived in Genoa on Monday, June 30th. Our excursion began with a bus transfer to Santa Margherita Ligure, approximately 45 minutes from the port. We boarded a boat and sailed to Portofino. We had about 2 hours to explore the village. We walked up the steep road to Santa Maria Assunta Oratory, a 15th century building (photos to be posted in future entries). From there we soaked in the view of the harbor, the cliffs plunging into the blue water and wondered who lived in a house that looked as if it was carved into the mountain side and the winding trail to get up to the house. We did not see any celebrity as mentioned in the guide books and I did not spend money shopping in any of the well-known fancy boutiques.
Portofino means Harbor of the Dolphins but this sleepy fishing village has become Harbor of the Yatchs. We saw a yatch from Cayman Island which is well known for its hidden bank accounts. There are many tiny hotels and restaurants that used to be private homes.

I love the palm lining narrow roads and charming old buildings that stood the test of time. By the way, the Italians drive on the right as in America. I admired the bus driver who was skillful at maneuver his vehicle around tight corners without knocking down any motorcycles.

Look thru the travel guide, The Italian Riviera by Amy Finley or any guides about Portofino, you will see these similar photos because this coastal village is so picturesque that you could not take a bad photo. My husband also commented that anyone (without any skills or talents) with a digital camera would be able to take great photos. Long gone the days when you need to learn to aim, focus, zoom and find great angles if you wish to take a decent photo.

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