Sunday, September 07, 2008


These are a few photos we took from the Allee des Stars in Cannes. These were the hand prints of famous people, mostly movie stars, along the sidewalks in front of the Cannes Film Festival building. It did not look like the sidewalks were well taken care of or washed often. A few hand prints were not readable because they were so dirty. I only took photos of those I thought were interesting as I did not want to spend too much time looking for any particular celebrities or reading all the hand prints.

Each hand print or a set of hand prints also included signatures and the year the imprints took place. It was kind of the way rich and famous people leaving their marks instead of the poor people carving their names onto the trees or spraying grafitti on the wall.
Putting my hand next to the hand print of Sophia Loren was the closest I ever came to being a celebrity. No, I did not put my down on the dirty, sticky ground, just low enough for my husband to take the photo.

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