Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I was so excited when I found the patch of the shy leaves (la mac co) during a recent visit to the Garden. I told my husband how as a child living in Viet Nam, I had a lot of fun playing by touching the foliage and watched the plant leaves closed up. That was the reason we Vietnamese named the plant "the shy leaves". I looked up on the internet but could not find much information about this plant. I only learned that it is called Neptunia, a kind of foliage within the subfamily of Minosoideae.
Photo above showed the foliage before the contact and photo below showed the leaves closed up after being touched (those were my husband's fingers). I would love to hear from any of my adoring fans or readers if you could provide more information about the Neptunia and wish to share stories how you also enjoyed this wonderful reactions of nature.

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