Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Built in a dusty field outside of Alliance, Nebraska, Carhenge was created by a farmer named Jim Reinders, as a memorial to his father. According to the brochure, "Carhenge is a replica of Stonehenge, England's ancient alignment of stones that chart the phases of the sun and the moon. Carhenge was created from vintage automobiles, the dimensions of the Carhenge replicate Stonehenge."

Instead of the mysterious circle of rock slabs, "The cars are primarily from the 1950's and 1960's. They are planted trunk down and rise 15 to 17 feet. The cars are approximately 7 feet wide; the same size as the standing stones of Stonehenge."

All 38 of the major stones at Stonehenge are cleverly represented at Carhenge. Also on the site is the Car Art Reserve, which features a number of sculpture pieces (below photos - can you find Benjamin?) made entirely of cars and/or car parts.
Visit for more information.

You did not think we would leave our "child" at home, did you? Benjamin was a good boy, he never asked "Are we there yet?".

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