Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Sunday, September 4th - We were at Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles for almost 2 hours. My father-in-law served in World War II and being an engineer/mechanically handy man, my husband paid extra attention to the machines on display. CP was pleasantly surprised to find the M16 Half Track. He remembered that his Dad told him that it was the vehicle Pa drove during the war.

There are tanks and helicopters outside the museum. Inside the large building, there are over 60 restored vehicles, both combat machines and support units. Military decorations, clothing and flags were also on displayed. The museum was created to honor Veterans for their services and sacrifices as well as to provide educational lessons about the weapons of wars. Visit for more information.
On the north side of the museum, off I-80, was the display of the Fall of Saigon. The display includes a helicopter up on a building, ready to take off while the people frantically were trying to climb up the ladder to the helitopter. The black plate steel silhouettes were supposed to be the Vietnamese who worked for the Southern government and knew that they had to get out of the country before the Communist took over Saigon. Many of these people, mostly soldiers and personnel working for the U.S. agencies, were left behind and spent years in prison or some simply disappeared and their families never knew what happened to them.

Monday, September 5th - We got up early and checked out of the hotel so we could be on our way out of Sidney, Nebraska. We waited until we got to Alliance to get breakfast. Before getting out of Dodge, we visited Chimney Rock and Carhenge. At 10:50 a.m. we were so happy to be in South Dakota.

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Nonna Beach said...

I like seeing restored things that were used during WWII. My Grandpa and FIL fought on land and sea.

We have a friend who was one of the last to leave Saigon when it fell in one of those helicopters. His wife was scheduled to fly out a few days before on the baby lift plane that crashed but she missed the flight.


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