Sunday, June 10, 2012


Above lantern is the Blissful Wedding.  The wedding banquet marks the conclusion of the elaborate traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, which also includes a processional from the bride's home to the groom's.  In Chinese society, the wedding banquet is sometimes considered more important than the actual wedding itself and features such important ceremonies as the bride's presentation of wine or tea to her parents, her new in-laws, her spouse and their guests.
"Is your husband Vietnamese?" was the question that I have been asked so many times by mostly non-Asian individuals.  Even when I point at my nametag that reads "TOTA Pulaski" (ok, I made that up), and explain that "Pulaski" is my married name, the person still said, "Is that Vietnamese?".  I smiled, "Does Pulaski sound like Vietnamese to you?".  The person then said, "I don't know Vietnamese, so I can't really tell if Pulaski is Vietnamese or not."  (Even the fools are entitled to their opinion!)   Let me be clear, I am not accusing these individuals who asked such idiotic question as being racist or prejudice.  I just want to know if anyone who is either of European descent (white) or African (black) would be asked the same question, "Is your wife white?" or "Is your husband black?".  I am proud of my heritage and I enjoy sharing story about my family coming from Viet Nam.  What I don't care for is a stranger or individual who only meet me for a few minutes and upon learning that I am a married person, immediately asked, "Is your husband Vietnamese?".  What is the purpose and if I was not Asian, would the person ask such question?  Next time I think I will reply, "No, he is Mexican and I married him for the green card."  Feel free to share your thoughts, comments or suggestions.
The bride wears a red dress and elaborate headpiece, and the groom usually wears a sash forming an "X" in front of him.  (Is that like XOXO or to surrender his freedom - haa haa?)  In China (or most Asian country) red symbolizes fertility, happiness, good luck, and of course, marriage.  It just occurs to me what colors do Chinese accountants use to show negative (in the red) and positive (in the black), does anyone have the answer?  

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