Saturday, January 05, 2013


Whose shoe in the snow
J. Edgar Hoover, maybe
Or Cinderella
I found it glittered under the bright sun when I went outside to check on himself who loves to grill in the middle of winter.  He decided to have red meat (a big juicy steak) one more time to celebrate the new year and before we once again try to eat more healthy food.  He did not see the shoe after walking by the spot a few times going from the garage to the patio.  Only when I asked if there was a phone call from J. Edgar Hoover or Cinderella asking about this party shoe that Ralphie noticed the shoe in the snow. 
How did the shoe get to this particular spot?  It looks like someone gently placed it there.  The night before we heard noises from outside, not sure if it came from next door neighbor or somewhere else.  It was around 2300 hours and I was ready to call the authority to put an end to the drunken party.  Perhaps the boyfriend got drunk and threw the shoe over the fence.  We checked and there was no other marks on the snow from the fence to where the shoe landed in perfect spot.  That would be too far from the other side of the fence to the spot near our garage.
Did it come from the northside house?  It couldn't.  It would have gotten under the table or the chairs.  Plus, the shoe could not fly over the rock or the bench to where it finally landed.
Was the shoe thrown from the southside, over the fence?  Again, there was no marks on the snow to indicate that someone was standing on the other side while throwing the shoe.  Besides, the shoe would not land perfectly without bouncing off the tree and the shed.
If someone was in our backyard and placed the shoe there, then how come there are no footprints in the snow?  Your assignment to solve this case, if you choose to accept it.

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