Thursday, January 09, 2014


(The above image could be entitled "A Smiling Face in the Snow".) 

Here is one more post about the recent snow storm and a few more cheesy snow pictures.  (I am so ready for our next summer road trip …..)

Snow started falling on or about 0300 hours on Sunday (January 5th) and finally stopped around 1600 hours.  I have not gone outside the last five days!  (So far I have not gotten the cabin fever.  It could be because I keep busy with putting away all the Christmas decorations, just removing the ornaments from the tree and putting away them away alone took me a whole hour.)  My husband needed to use my front-wheel drive Mazda6 because his fancy Mustang would not be good for winter driving.  Of course, the T-bird is kept toasty-warm in the garage, waiting for the sunny warm summer!

It was Wildcard Weekend so I did not mind being cooped up inside.  I could not believe the Chiefs lost to the Colts (44-45) when they were leading (20 points) at halftime and lost the game for just one point.  The Colts will meet my beloved Patriots next Saturday.  I am sure Patriots fans will give a “warm” welcome back to Adam Vinatieri!  Another disappointing game was the Packers lost to the 49ers (20-23).  One bright spot was the Saints moved on (defeating the Eagles 26-24) just enough to play against the Seahawks for the division championship.

Spring semester starts next week and I so look forward to going to Employment class, reading all the legal mumbo jumbo and working on weekly assignments again ……….

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