Saturday, January 04, 2014


Here are a few more photos from our cruising along Big Sur (Route 1).  (Note:  currently the Mustang is under 6’ of snow!)
Saturday is usually my day to run errands while Ralphie “playing” in his garage or in his workshop (in the basement).  After breakfast, I took off and spent over three hours completing all the tasks: picking up/dropping off dry cleaning, getting a full tank of gas for “Luc” my Mazda6, another trip to the grocery store (it was crowded as everyone needed a few more last minute “surviving” items), exchanging a shirt that did not fit (too tight – blaah) and picking up a book I ordered last week that has become available.  (QQ, I thought of you whenever I go to this branch and remember your comment about audio books.)

I was extreme pleased to see that the library was crowded.  There were many families with kids (getting ready for snow days).  It touches me deeply whenever I see others like me still going to the library, checking out “real” books.

We decided to go to 4:00 p.m. Mass and we were not the only “smart” faithful.  We could not find a spot in the parking lots and had to park “illegally”.  We did not block anyone but we did park in an undesignated spot (in other word, it was not really a parking space).  There was no available seat, not even in the chapel and the cry room (normally only people with crying little kids would be).  There was no room to stand since people already were lining up against the walls on both sides of the pews.

A friendly usher wanted to be helpful but he pointed us to a space that would fit if we were able to transform ourselves back to 1988 when we were skinny (back then I could sit on my husband’s lap without breaking both of his legs).

With only a few spots that are available for one person, and we did not want to sit in separate pews, my husband sat at the end of the pew with half of his bottom in the aisle.  We usually don’t leave until Father announces that “Mass is ended.  Go in peace to serve the Lord and each other.”  But since our car is parked in an illegal spot, we had to leave right after Communion.  We noticed that there were parishioners waiting to get in for the 5:30 p.m. Mass.  I warmed my heart to know that we did not use the excuse of snow storm and freezing weather not attending Sunday Mass but tried to fulfill our Holy Obligation on Saturday evening.

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