Saturday, May 31, 2014

DON'T SIT DOWN .......

..... because there are butterflies on the chair!
I am sure you heard about the Blackhawks victory in Game 6 last night (I know the whole world does not revolve around Stanley Cup playoffs).  It was another exciting game, lot of scoring in the 3rd period and the Hawks scored the winning goal with 3 and a half minutes left - whew!

Today was sunny until an hour ago when it started to rain.  I just heard rumbling noise outside my window, so it could be stormy weather coming for the evening.
(We lost internet connection ....)

(We got the connection back ....)
The evening turns out to be real nice.  The rain stopped, then the sun came out – go figure!
We even took the T-bird out and went to a restaurant Cafeteria style.  We drove pass the location many times but finally went there today.  The place is large, bright and nicely decorated.  The food is tasty, well prepared and the price is reasonable.  We noticed others around us were mostly over 90 years old.  We started laughing and quietly said to each other that we have reached the point where we go to dinner at “old people” place!   

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