Saturday, March 22, 2008


The flooding from the Meramec River has made national news this week. I drove to 141 and I-44 to take a few photos and to let my adoring fans know that I am ok. Our area was not affected by the flood even though we are only 15 minute drive from Valley Park and Fenton, the towns along the Meramec River. The above photo shows the road (141) being closed to traffic. This is the route my husband usually takes to work, staying on 141 all the way to Arnold, Missouri. On Friday, he had to turn around and took another route to get to I-44 instead. On the way home, traffic was so back-up on 44 that he had to take Highway 270, then tried to get around by going thru the outer roads.

Looking at the above photo, you could not tell where the road was supposed to be or where the soccer field was. The photo below showed how high the water was. Thankfully the levee held up and from the latest news, the water has started to recede. When we were getting to move to St. Louis in 1994, a co-worker questioned our move, "Why would you move to St. Louis? The town just got flooded last year (1993)", he commented.

From the photo below, you could see where part of the road was and the part where the road completely under water. My Mom called because she was concern for our safety. Even though she has visited us twice, she would not remember or understand the distance from our home to where the flooding takes place. Most of the time the media report events occurred in St. Louis, those who don't know the area well would assume that the entire area is affected.

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