Thursday, March 13, 2008


I always feel that somebody's watchin' me
And I have no privacy
I always feel that somebody's watchin' me
Is it just a dream?
Have you ever noticed the cameras outside the building where you work, shop or a government office you just happen to be walking by? The next time you are at the post office, look up and find out how many cameras there are. A local post office I visit regularly has seven cameras and it was only about 1,000 square feet. The above photo shows the two cameras outside the building where I work. I don't know exactly the purpose for these cameras. If a worker from one of the offices in the building was attacked as the person was leaving work, the parking lot was almost empty and it was dark, what would these cameras be good for? Was there someone who monitored the cameras and came out to help stop the attack? Are these cameras real or only to serve as warnings to deter the would-be vandals? Do the workers feel safer or just a false sense of security?
I have shopped at this Wal-Mart many times but I never noticed the sign (above) with the warning "Security Camera In Use". I could see why there is a need for camera in the parking lot in addition to those inside the store to catch shoplifters. The photo below shows a cart (left) that was damaged compared to the one on the right. I asked a worker who was collecting the carts from the corrals but he did not know what caused the damage. It could be that a snow removal operator accidently piled the heavy snow on top of the cart during the snow storm a few weeks ago. Perhaps it was a careless driver that ran into the cart. Or the damage was caused by a woman I saw earlier when she was about two steps from the corral, instead of gently pushing the carts inside the corral, she pushed the cart so hard that it almost fell over, barely gotten inside the corral. Two more steps and the woman would not make the efforts to put the cart inside the corral as a civilized person would have done.

I am sure you have witnessed rage in different forms, road rage, shopping rage, and so many other displays of rage from people who seem to be angry at the whole world. Like the time when I left enough space for two vehicles to merge over to my lane as I saw the traffic lights already turned red. The woman behind me blew her horn to let me know that she did not approve my action. Later, she sped up after moving to the other lane, then slow down enough for me to see the display of her "finger" and with her angry contorted face mouthing the F word! I wish she saw the smile on my face and heard what I said, "Peace be with you".

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