Friday, August 22, 2008


Our cruise ship was in port in Monte Carlo, Monaco on Tuesday, July 1st. The excursion started with a bus ride from the port to Cannes. After Cannes, we visited Nice. The French Riviera, by another name, the Cote d'Azur, includes well-known coastal towns such as St-Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Marseille and Menton. Photo above showed the main boulevard that lined with palms, hotels and shops that catered to the rich and famous, particularly during the annual film festival in May.
Cannes and its prestigious Cinema Festival, the 12 days in May when the town turned into a mini-Hollywood with movie stars, producers, deal makers, the wannabes and those who just wanted to be seen. I never paid much attention to the festivals so I don't have anything to write about the event or the building, Palais des Festivals, which was more a large concrete bunker than the glamorous activities inside. Just like a typical tourist, I took the photo to prove that I was there! In future entry, I will post photos of hand prints on the ground in the allee des Stars left by famous movie stars.
We walked along the Boulevard de la Croisette (photo above). It was early in the morning so the vendors were busy setting up their flower stands (photo below).

When I first saw the painting without seeing the words "Gare des Autobus", I thought the building (photo above) was a theatre or an art school. Then we saw passengers walking out, carrying luggages instead of art porfolios, we went inside to find out that it was a bus station with an interesting exterior. We finally saw Gare des Autobus on the building after we crossed the street and looked back at the painting. I took the photo below because I like the balconies and all the full length windows. It must be nice to live or stay at this hotel/apartment building and to enjoy the spectacular view of the seafront.

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