Sunday, August 31, 2008


After a few hours walking along the Promenade des Anglais, people watching in the town square Place Massena, we got back on the bus and were on our way back to the ship. While the driver skillfully maneuver the vehicle around narrow, twisting roads and hills, (my husband wished he was driving his T-bird) we enjoyed the magnificent view of the coastline of clustered old castles and colorful houses along the sheer cliffs, the private yatchs dotting the blue sea, the wooden hills and the hidden bays as if trying to maintain the charm of the village from exploitation of outsiders. Nice has a Mediterranean climate which is mild and sunny most of the year. The summer heat is usually lessen by cool and pleasant sea breeze and somewhat windy in the spring. The temperature rarely reaches freezing point in the winter, but hailstorms and cold front could occur without warning.

Of all the ports we visited, Nice was one of my favorites. The beautiful coastline, breath-taking views of the village/town and the sea, almost perfect weather and the illusions of a wonderful life living in such paradise on earth made Nice a dream vacation. No wonder Nice is the second most popular French city among tourists after Paris. Yes Qaptain, it was nice in Nice!

According to the tour guide this is the location where the accident that took the life of Princess Grace Kelly. I was glad that the bus did not stop there. I did not think that it was appropriate to create a tourists spot from such sad event. There is a memorial where people would leave flowers and notes (as if they knew her personally!) and of course taking photos. There were rumors that the daughter, Princess Stephanie who at the time did not have a driver license was the driver. Stephanie felt so guilty for causing the accident that she became destructive thru using alcohol and drugs. There was also report that Princess Grace suffered a stroke, loss control of the car and drove down a mountainside.

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