Friday, August 08, 2008


I saw the above printed shirt at a gift shop while visiting Grand Haven last April. Whoever thought of the expression, Don't leave me aloon, was pretty clever playing with the word "loon" a ducklike bird, with a drawing of a goose. I dedicated this entry specially to my brother, Qaptain Qwerty.

When VL was about six years old (in Viet Nam), being such a cute little boy that he already had a few adoring fans even at such young age. One day as Mom and I watched from the balcony as VL turned around the corner on his way home from school, suddenly he found out that he was being followed by three little baby ducks. At first VL was delighted at the little creatures and enjoyed the groupies. Then as VL started to walk faster, the little duckies continued to keep up the pace. VL started to run, the little duckies were right on his heels. At this point, VL was terrified and began to yell out (I don't remember what he said). A neighbor chased the little duckies away and VL never give the little duckies the same loving looks again. Too bad that VL first experience with groupies did not turn out as good.

Back in Grand Haven, after the gift shop, at the boardwalk, we saw the lonely goose (photo below) all by himself on the sidewalk. After I took the photo, I said to my husband that we should leave the goose aloon!

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