Thursday, October 16, 2008


It must be all the broccoli I have eaten the last few business meetings that prompted the philosophical thoughts in my head. I started to request veggie meal when making reservations for luncheon or dinner meetings. I still enjoy a delicious filet mignon now and then, but I thought cutting down on meat consumption would be good for my health. Earlier this month, my dinner plate came with sea shell pasta, carrots, cauliflowers and lot of broccoli which is my favorite steamed vegetable.
I like to think that the above photo symbolizes the current crisis in financial markets, the downturn in the global economy, the plunging in housing prices, the deeper job losses and the state of despairs in our country. That thought gives me hope, just like when the gloomy weather is over and the winter snow storm is gone, the green grass will once again covers the ground, the trees will blossom with flowers, then producing fruits to nourish the people and we will again enjoy peace and prosperity. I want to believe that there are a lot of smart people out there who know exactly how to calm the markets and how to stop the global economy from plunging into the worst downturn since perhaps the Great Depression. Some analysts talk about a painful recession might be the only way for the markets to correct itself and to work the problems out of the system. In the meantime, Mr. Financial Expert, what should we the average working Americans do?

There again, he stood at the corner, on the main street, this time with his light jacket as the weather was getting chilly. Probably the same person who was there during the summer heat while the motorists driving by in their air-conditioned vehicles. I feel terrible, almost guilty that he was there when it was drizzling. I thought of how much his life would change on November 5th. Would he still be there holding the sign, "Liquidate - Everything Must Go - 60-70% Off", earning minimum wage, and planning for the next temporary job? Does he have a family to support? Should I tell him about the websites I saw that would help him make $5-7K a week working from home? How about the ad "Make Money Doing Nothing"? Or perhaps he is pursuing a college degree and this job fits into his class schedule. So there is no need for me to feel sorry for him. How do we as a society help people who no matter what kind of assistance programs available would always remain in poverty?

When my family first came to America, my Dad worked as a dishwasher. I also got a job as a stock clerk and together we took care of our family. Along the way, we became self-sufficient, earned college education, become homeowners and have always been proud to be Americans. That is what America is built on, individuals taking responsibilities, work hard, do your best and not waiting for distribution from the government. I would like to have all the money Mr. Bill Gates has, but I would not want the government to take his money and give to me. (Note: Please no political comments. I don't care for my blog to be bombarded with heated exchange from discussions between two campaigns. ALL political comments will be rejected.)

I knew the cold weather was coming when I witnessed the squirrel storing the apple up high on the beam of our patio. I looked out the kitchen window and watched the squirrel busy gathering food for the winter. Below is one of the last apples still hanging on the tree, bare branches with most of the leave already fell on the ground. I guess it is time for me to get out the heavy blankets, the sweaters and the snow boots.

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Salabencher said...

Your squirrel is smart to store up. Nassim Nicholas Taleb author of "the Black Swan" has been doing several interviews lately. He thinks the "Smart" people have no idea how to fix this, since this wasn't supposed to happen in the first place.

I advise my friends to stock up on Bullets, beans, and band-aids! The good times are over for a while I believe.


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