Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Here are a few photos taken around town showing the Fall colors. October is here along with all the Fall festivals before the snow covering the ground. The festivals represent the charm of Midwest America and simple living of small towns USA. The first week of October featured Apple Butter Days Fall Festival, the Annual Pecan Festival, following by the Oktoberfest (in Hermann, a German American town), Pumpkin Festival and the Lions Club Annual White Bass Tournament. The last week, of course, Haunting in the Hills and Annual Chestnut Roast complete a full month of Fall festivals.
According to a brochure published by the Missouri Department of Conservation, explaining why leaves change color - in good seasons, the fall color may change slowly from mid-September to a peak in mid-October. Aside from contrasting temperatures, other factors also affect fall color. In the fall, shorter days and cooler nights mean there is less energy (the sun) for food-making for the whole tree. When trees don't have enough food, the green disappears and yellow, red, orange, purple appear. The more sunshine during the day, the more red and vivid bright colors are created.
Taken advantage of the warm sunny days the last two weekends, first we moved the furniture into the living room to steam clean carpet in the family room, the bathrooms and the kitchen. The following weekend, it was the living room and the dining room gotten their annual deep cleaning fun. We had all the windows open and the ceiling fans on full motor. It took only a day for the carpet to dry but we tip toe around to avoid leaving foot prints. It feels so good walking on clean carpet. We cleaned the bedrooms in the summer when we slept on the futon in the basement because it was too hot upstairs and we were too frugal to turn the air-condition on full blast to battle the heat.

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