Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have seen the above plate around town before and I finally was able to safely take a photo of it when I saw it at a parking lot. I don't try to take photo while driving unless I am the passenger or I am stuck behind the vehicle when we have to stop at a traffic light. We don't need one more distraction while driving (music, cell phone, eating, putting on make-up are just a few things people do while they are supposed to focus on driving). "EIEIO" is perfect for this "Ramblings" post since I have no particular thing to write about (even though I have a lot to share but due to circumstances, I will have to wait for the right time to tell you, my faithful readers, about my recent "stormy" journey!). I plan to ask the owner of this vanity plate whether he/she has a farm and if his/her last name was McDonald!

Here is an update on my husband Winter Project (what winter?). You could see the progress when all the pieces were put together (above photo), then pieces of red glasses around the eagle (below photo). CP already picked out a nice frame for it. However, the eagle project is currently on hold as he is working on fixing (straightening) the retaining wall in front of the house. After that, my handy-man will be installing a sprinkler system. (That is right, he is doing it all by himself.) Next month, our neighbor who has a landscaping business, will be putting new sodding on our front lawn. We did not want to be known as the "poor" house with brown grass!

I will be back with an update after the eagle is framed and also the before-and-after of our front lawn.

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