Tuesday, March 06, 2012

TUESDAY TWO - "BO" aka iPad2

I have mentioned many times that I am "a day late and a dollar short" and that has been the story of my life. By now the whole world already knew about "the new iPad" or iPadHD or iPad3. Just last month, I finally purchased the iPad2 Wi-Fi + 3G 32GB White. We have been talking about it for a few years (we were impressed when QQ let us use his iPad when we were in NYC 2010 Thanksgiving) and thought we would get the iPad at Christmas time but never did. More than a year later, February 2012, we were at the Apple store and after the nice young man named "Bo" showed us all the wonderful stuff that we could do, I asked my husband for his wallet, took out CP credit card and say to Bo, "Sold - one iPad for my 51st birthday"!

Thus, it is only fitting that I name the iPad "Bo" after the young man who patiently answered all the questions us geezers asked. (It would have been much nicer if he would also mentioned that we should wait a few more months and get the latest model, the iPad3 instead.) It is also fitting that I write about the iPad2 for this week Tuesday Two post, just in time for the announcement of the new iPad. Of course, there are accessories to go along with the iPad. So far, I have purchased the cover with built-in wireless Bluetooth keyboard, a stylus pen so smudges from our fingers won't be all over the screen and just to be on the safe side, the handy microfiber screen cleaning cloths. I still need a camera connection kit so I could easily see my photos taken during our roadtrips and would not have to wait until after we got home to start orgazining the 10,000+ photos.

When we first brought Bo home, he had a hard time connecting to the wireless network. Bo would be connected then disconnected the next time we used it. After consulting with QQ and search the web to find out what the problems were, we decided that it was time for a new router. And everything worked fine after we installed the new router. We have been enjoying Bo since (QQ thought we returned Bo because we did not say much after calling him for help with the wireless connection.) We already downloaded a few apps, (how about my beloved Red Wings logo as screensaver, pretty cool eh?) especially those that would be helpful to our upcoming roadtrips. The only problem is I have become an addict to playing Scrabble almost everyday. I have gotten pretty good at the game. My highest score is 475 and I enjoy the challenge of not only not leaving any letters on the rack but also getting higher score. Thank you, Steve, for the wonderful things and the joy the iPad has brought to us.

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Linus Ly said...

Stop playing Scrabble and post something un-cheesy already!


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