Saturday, April 21, 2012


My world has turned upside down in more than one way, beginning with this silly boring blog.  I got a big surprise when I logged in a few days ago and found this new look.  Did I ask for this fancy layout?  Did I accidentally click the button where the message "Click here to update your blog to a new look" was?  There might have been another message about the new look in April.  I thought if I continued to ignore it, my blog would still maintain the classic look, the one I am used to and comfortable with the last 6 years.  Well, I did not have any choice.  Someone at Blogger would not let me stay behind.  Does anyone know how to switch back to the "good old look"?  
Yes, you heard it right, my beloved Detroit Red Wings were eliminated from the playoffs by the Nashville Predators in game #5 last night.  The Wings only won the 2nd game and had been struggling since.  I could not stand the pains and had to shut off the television at five minutes left in the third period.  The television has not been turned on today and I did not even look at the NHL website.  (Normally I would check for update at least three times a day, first thing in the morning, during lunch, after I get home and before going to bed.)  My mind could not comprehend that the Wings are the first team to be eliminated.  It is terribly wrong and unnatural.  What would I be spending my time and energy on after a hard day of work?  Perhaps I could start watching the Food Channel and learn how to be a good cook - NOT!!!!!! 


Linus Ly said...

It looks the same to me. What new look? Did you switch back already?

Alisa said...

Ha, I'm with you on the new admin side look. I don't like it either. Boooo.


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