Friday, April 13, 2012


I have not kept up with posting regularly, especially the weekly themes such as Tuesday Two and Friday Sky posts. Actually this post was originally dated March 2nd but it was never published.

For someone who knows "less than zero" about engineering of building bridges, terrible at math an science, very technical-challenge, I have always been fascinated with bridges. I enjoy watching documentary on History Channel and my favorite program is Modern Marvels. After we came back from our Westward trip in 2010, I could not stop talking/writing about Hoover Dam. I would watch the same documentary about the construction of Mackinaw Bridge every time it is on television. When we used to go camping in Michigan during Labor Day Weekend, we would walk across the Mackinaw Bridge on Monday morning. The bridge would be partially closed to traffic and the Governor would lead the way with 20,000+ "Michiganders" crossing the bridge.

I don't know the reasons for my fascination with bridges. Could it be because my Dad's birthplace in Viet Nam was Cau Ngang (QQ, does it mean crossing the bridge?). Or because bridges represent man's determination to overcome obstacles, to achieve what might be impossible and to make it easier for future generations. Just imagine what our world would be like without all the bridges you cross everyday.

This bridge reminds me of the Marsh Rainbow Bridge in Baxter Springs on Route 66 in Kansas. All these photos were taken of the same bridge, just from different angels.

Let's give this silly-ramblings-boring blog of mine a little educational posting with a listing of a few expressions or America's popular sayings that include the word "bridge". For example, your response to your kids "If your friends jump off the bridge, will you jump off the bridge too?" when they tell you that their friends are allowed to stay out until 2 in the morning. I never understood the following expressions, "There is no sense in crossing that bridge before you come to it", how do you cross the bridge before you actuall there? Or "You can cross that bridge when you come to it" what if I don't want to cross that bridge and decide to turn around instead? When someone says, "That's water under the bridge", do you really believe that they would no longer hold grudges against you? I know "you should never burn bridges" but the recent "situation" I was forced into, I did not burn the bridge, I was thrown off the bridge. When I asked for a lifesaver, most of the people were cowardly walked on by. My favorite expression would have to be "He would try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge", I am sure you met a few of these dishonest characters. My personal motto is the phrase, "Always try to build bridges before you need to cross or because you never know when you need to cross the river." What is your favorite expression?


Linus Ly said...

I like bridges, too, but I prefer foot bridges since I like walking and hate driving. I should make a poster some day, a grid of 3x3, showing the foot bridges I took photo of.

Linus Ly said...

I am sure "Cầu Ngang" means "the bridge going across"


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