Saturday, April 14, 2012


According to my book, this is the most wonderful time of the year - the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs started on Wednesday, April 11th. There are many great match-ups such as the Blues v. Sharks or the Caps v. Bruins. No home ice advantage for my beloved Red Wings being #5 seed, currently tied the series at 1-1 against the Predators #4. (It still does not sound right for Nashville to have a strong hockey team. Isn't the town supposed to be only about country music?) Already there are surprises with the Kings #8 leading the series 2-0 against the Canucks being #1 while the Flyers #5 won the first two games against the Pens #4 - that just goes to show that sometimes home ice does not guarantee winning.

These photos were taken at the April 4th game. Traffic was not too bad so we got to the arena early enough for me to take a few photos during warm-up. The last time the Wings were in town was at the November 2011 game. It was good seeing the "boys" again. Everyone is healthy, ready for the playoffs. The Wings played at the level expected but they still weak on power plays. No scoring the first 2 periods. In the third period, the Wings got a 2-man advantage but were sloppy and allowed a short-handed goal. I love short-handed goals but not when against my beloved Red Wings. When the Blues scored the 2nd goal three minutes later, I was furious and we walked out of the arena.

Well, three minutes after we left, Franzen scored, then tied the game with his 2nd goal of the night. Bertuzzi scored the winning goal at shootout. (My sincere apology to the "boys" for walking out on them and for not having faith that they would come back and win the game. My husband kept saying to me, "Oh ye lil faith!". We thought the Blues would win the President's Trophy for having the most points in the league. I even tried to get tickets for the last home game since it is Fans Appreciation Day and there would be many giveaways that included round trip airline tickets and iPad. We did not get the tickets because the game was scheduled on April 6th - Good Friday. When it comes to faith v. hockey, I know my priority!

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