Saturday, July 06, 2013


I did not really pay much attention to any daredevil performances before or anyone who tried to set world record by doing something extreme (i.e. sitting in a box suspended in midair for 7 days or climbing a tall building).
I watched Nik Wallenda walked across the Little Colorado River gorge near Grand Canyon because the Grand Canyon was one of the most amazing places I have been to.  We were there in 2009 during our Route 66 Adventure.  It was so majestic and incredibly beautiful.  I especially was glad that we stayed at a hotel right at the Grand Canyon and got up real early in the morning and had the whole place all for ourselves.  No crowd, no heat and seeing the Canyon in the morning sun was absolutely glorious.
I am not afraid of height but got ozzy when I looked down at the Colorado River, even from behind the rail.
The lesson I learned from watching Wallenda walking across the Grand Canyon was (1) just take one step at a time towards your goals; (2) you must have steady feet and concentrate on what or where you are going; (3) draw your strength knowing there are others supporting and cheering you on; (4) most importantly, trust in God for He will always provide what you need.

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