Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Last month we found some gnawings around the edges of our picnic table and on all of the four chairs (below). We did not know what kind of animals did such damage. The table and chairs are made of plastic. We wonder what animal would have strong teeth to gnaw thru the plastic and actual left big holes around the corners.

I wish I could take a better photo of this criminal. After I tried to bang on the kitchen window in an attempt to chase this squirrel away, he turned and gave me a look as if saying "What do you want? What are you going to go about it?"
It was as if the squirrel was trying to do the most damage by gnawing at all four corners of the table and all four chairs. The gnawings were most visible and intense along the arm rests.

I finally captured the criminal in the act. I could not believe what I saw. The squirrel laying flat on his stomach, gnawing away our picnic table, even ignoring the flash from my camera. Now I we have evidence, we are planning to file a small claim against this d%#& squirrel for property damage with an intention to cause mental anguish and emotional distress.

My husband found information on the internet from other people who wrote of similar problems with the d&%@ plastic eating squirrel! One person wrote that the squirrel ate away the gas control handle of his expensive grill. My husband then talked to other people at work and someone suggested mixing soap and ground red peper with water, then use a brush to spread the special "love potion" around the gnawings and all the edges. We have not seen the squirrel nor found any new chewing marks. Perhaps the d$#% squirrel left town to avoid paying us the settlement for the damage.

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