Monday, September 03, 2007


I found this t-shirt at a wine shop. I thought my brother, VL would like it as he is a punster. Turn out VL had an accentric high school teacher named Weinstein.

While visiting Williamsburg, Virginia in July, we went to a restaurant named Food for Thought - Eat - Drink - Think. It is a local favorite as well as tourists who appreciate different atmosphere. The walls were decorated with written famed words by famous people such as Oliver Wendell Holmes, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and of course, Albert Einstein. There are others but I did not think it was appropriate for me to walk around reading all of the words on the walls while standing next to the guests trying to cut his steak or putting dressing on her salad.

Here are a few items on the menu (just to wet your appetite) -

Da Vinci Dippers - Cheese filled ravioli, encrusted with Italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, fried golden brown with a side of zesty marinars gravy for dipping.

Fowl Play - That Nutty Chicken, Light as a Feather, (here is my favorite) Thai One On - Thai Rice Noddles and tofu.

You have to Sea it to Believe it - The One that Didn't Get Away (Catch of the Day).

You could check out Food for Thought at to read other items on the menu.

I saw these ceiling fans (above & below) at a restaurant in Hermann, Missouri. The conveyor belts gave a false impression of a power-saving manual mechanical setting. My husband (with a mechanical engineering degree) explained that the fans are powered by electricity, the conveyor belts just provides an old fashion look. How gullible I was! Just like when I was willing to pay more for those labels, "100% organic", All Natural, No Artificial additive, No animals were tested or harmed, etc. on the products - so I could feel good about myself that I was not one of those people destroying the earth!

I thought of my brother, Qaptain Qwerty, when I saw the billboard, "What You Can Do" to save the earth, at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Ah, the wonderful world of blogging and having such an easy-to-use camera, even a caveman can take photos!

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