Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I read in a book that F. Scott Fitzgerald made a remark, "The rich are different from you and me" to Ernest Hemingway, to which Hemingway replied, "Yes, they have more money." I would like to add my comment to that "The rich also get better service at ballgames."

Once a year, a member from my workplace (the Association) gave me two tickets to a Rams game. These are Club level seats at $100 each. You have to show your tickets to gain access into the Club. Notice the fancy pattern carpet covered floor and not the sticky hard concrete ground in the common level, less expensive tickets where poor people are. Notice how roomy the wakway is, not crowded, elbow to elbow with the masses, how the walls are tastefully decorated and how the servers are wearing real restaurant uniforms.

Look at this - real desserts, serving by people who dressed as if they were real bakers. All the pies and fancy pastries instead of typical ice-cream sticks or crummy chocolate cookies.

While the masses in regular areas had to chow down the hotdogs and hamburgers standing around a few wimpy narrow counters or trying to eat at your seats while others constantly trying to get to their seats, also with their trays of food and drinks. At the Club - photo above (Rams-football) and the Redbird - photo below (Cardinals-baseball) there are actual seats and tables where you could sit down and enjoy your meals like civilized people.

The chairs and counter and tables are provided so that the people could enjoy their food while watching the game in action, not from television screens. This area is air-conditioned and we don't want to sweat when it is too warm outside! I confessed that I was willing to pay much more for these Redbird Club tickets because I could not stand being among the masses in the regular area where the seats are tight and we had to stand up so often to let people in and out of their seats. I also had to keep an eye on the people behind us when they carry drinks and nachos filled with hot cheese and chilli because I was afraid that they would drop the trays on our heads!
Inside the Redbird Club (St. Louis Cardinals stadium) there are variety of food stations (photo above) serving real food ranging from typical ballpark hotdogs to pizza, chicken fingers, to pasta and even stir-fried noodles. Of course, there are plenty of pastries and $7.00 for two scoops of creamy Italian ice-cream. Again, notice the wide walkway, not the tight quarter and the shining floor that is constantly being cleaned by the crew, no sticky floor here! Photo below is showing more seating areas and pleasant decorations. Borrowing the words from a character named Rebecca Howe (no relation to Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings) from the TV show Cheers, "I hate rich people until I am one of them". For now, I just want to enjoy the luxury and pretend that I am one of those rich people when attending the ballgames.

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