Thursday, September 27, 2007


I took this photo as we were leaving the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game last Sunday. I just wanted to take a photo of the stadium at night. I also wanted to learn how to use the feature "twilight".

I wish the moon was right over the "i" of the word stadium - that would be neat. But I like the photo and thought the title "Moon over the Stadium" was appropriate as Sunday was the Cardinals' last home game. The mood was not joyous as the Cardinals did not make it to the playoffs this year. There will be no back-to-back as everyone in St. Louis wishes for a repeat from last year World Series Championship. The Cardinals won the Sunday game 4-3 over the Houston Astros.

For me, summer is finally over as 2007-2008 hockey season officially begins next week. I am so ready to see my beloved Red Wings when they come into town in November. October will be 13th anniversary since we moved from Michigan to St. Louis. I will live in St. Louis longer than New York and twice the years in Michigan. I was 19 years old when we came to America as a Vietnamese refugee trying to survive in the new land.

I was full of dreams and energy back then. I dreamed of going back to Viet Nam to fight the communist. I also wanted to work for World Visions, going back to the refugee camp to save my people, the same way I was saved. 27 years later, all I want to do is watching football and hockey on the weekends and listening to Mike & Mike on ESPN in the morning for the latest sports news.

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