Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I have been under the weather the last few days. It started with a headache which I attributed to the hectic schedule of hockey game (my beloved Detroit Red Wings were in town - they played a strong 1st period then got sloppy the 2nd period. Hasek allowed four goals within a few minutes. Lidstrom and Chellios could not stop the shot when the Blues had a 2-man advantage. I got my wish when Osgood replaced Hasek in the 3rd period, but it was typical Red Wings game plan - too little, too late!) and work-related evening activities. The body ache followed by throwing up lunch and dinner. As I spent the evening in the bathroom, next to the toilet bowl, waiting for the next wave, I thought of the response from my little brother VL when he was about six years old. More than thirty years later, I still smile whenever I thought of VL "from the babe's mouth" response.

That day VL already was not feeling well but that did not stop him from eating a big meal. As he was throwing up, Mom asked VL a sarcastic question, "Do you want to eat some more food?". We all laughed when VL innocently responded, "Yes, but just a little more." VL probably wondered why Mom was laughing so hard at his honest answer. Come to think of it, perhaps at that young age, VL already developed his sense of humor, and became as a clever punster today!

Another similar story about honest answer is about a man who always came around my maternal grandparents' home at dinner time. The man would stay on as we were setting the table. Many times my grandfather would have no choice but to extend invitations to the man to take part in the meals. One time my grandfather said to him, "I am sorry we only have simple selection for dinner, not of the lavish feast you are used to." Thinking this would be a polite way to not inviting the man and hope that he would not stay for dinner. Instead, the man responded, "How about a bottle of good wine? That would make up for the plain dishes."

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