Sunday, November 25, 2007


Where have the days and weeks gone since I started this entry entitled Thanksgiving 2007? I am now ready to publish and it is already mid-December!

Sincere apology to my adoring fans for not writing as often as I promised. Seriously, I would love to be able to write everyday or at least record what I did during the week as I often wonder what I did the entire year, 365 days, 52 weeks, 7 days, 24 hours, all gone in a blink!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving starting with a great dinner, all prepared by my husband. About three years ago, CP started making turkey at Thanksgiving. He has gotten very good as the turkey came out tender and perfect all around. We usually got a 10-lb turkey, enough for Thanksgiving dinner and lunch for the next two weeks.

CP also made apple pie and pumpkin pie. During his college years, CP stayed with his parents and it was then that he learned to make pies from his mother. The crusts were made from scratch and the pies always came out deliciously golden. Sorry, I won't give away the secret. We enjoyed the apple pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for the pumpkin pie.

On Friday, we went to a hockey game. A co-worker had tickets but was not able to attend the game. The Vancouver Canucks were in town and I always like to arrive early to listen to the Canadian anthem. I usually stand in the area where the visiting team came out for 30 minutes warm-up before the game starts. With my camera, I would try to take photos of my favorite players while they "fly" by. I tried not to look so silly as the only geezer (also an Asian chubby woman) among all the little kids begging for the players to throw the pucks over the glass.

I tried to take photo of the Sedin twin brothers (Daniel #22 and Henrik #33) but they did not line up nicely for my shots! I was able to take a few photos of Markus Naslund (the captain #19) and Curtis Sanford (back-up goalie who was with the Blues two years ago). I wonder if Sanford blamed me that he was traded as I also got his autograph three months before the St. Louis Blues sent him to minor.

On Saturday, it was our tradition to put up the Christmas tree and the outdoor nativity we inherited from my husband's parents.

On Sunday, we went to another hockey game, this time the Calgary Flames were in town. The tickets were from my boss who were not able to attend due to family obligations. The seats were in a club section at $100 each and we could not turn away such luxury. Captain Jarome Iginla (#12) and goalie Mikka Kiprusoff (34) are my two favorite players on the Calgary Flames. Less than two minutes into the game, Dion Phaneuf, the enforcer for the Flames, set the tone by started a fight. Then another fight a few minutes later with gloves and helmets flying all over the ice. Manny Legace earned his first shutout when the Blues won 3-0. It was a good hockey game!

After the hockey game, we went to dinner but I made sure we got home to watch the Patriots v. the Eagles. It was an exciting game not only because of the Patriots but also because everyone wondered if the Eagles would be the team to break the Patriots' running records of 10-0 or be the 11th team beaten by the Patriots. We got home enough time to catch half of the 3rd quarter and the rest of the game when the Patriots won 31-28.
It was a wonderful Thanksgiving, two hockey games, a great football game, plenty of good food, and of course we are grateful for our families and all the blessings.

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