Friday, November 30, 2007


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! How are thy leaves so verdant!

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Much pleasure doth thou bring me!

To everyone, may Christmas tree also brings you pleasure and joy!

This is a Christmas tree musical box. Press the flower button to open the box and inside is a tiny Christmas tree with a train set going around the tiny tree while "O Christmas Tree" song is playing. My husband is one of the people who loves knick knack. He specially loves to decorate the house at Christmas time. It is understandable since he was born on Christmas Day. In the Knights of Columbus newsletter, you will find December 25th birthdays starting with Jesus and next is my husband's name as CP birthday also on December 25th.

The above photo was a Christmas card I received this week from MC, a very good friend I have known for almost 28 years. MC was the first American friend whom I was blessed to know from my first job at MK Company. This Christmas tree reminded me of the tree Charlie Brown picked out and was ridiculed by the other kids. When Charlie saw the tree, he commented that it was the perfect tree. Yet others failed to see what Charlie saw, a little tree that needed someone with loving hearts. At the end of the episode, the tree was surrounded by Linus' security blanket and other decorations and then everyone agreed that it was a perfect Christmas tree.

The photo below was taken in November during a drive through of Festival of Lights in Carthage, Missouri. We went to Carthage to visit Precious Moments headquarters and its famous chapel. There were about forty displays of lights, all coordinated and funded by a religious order of Vietnamese-American Catholics. We also learned that for more than 20 years, Marian Days, the week long religious celebration in August, attracts more than 40,000 Vietnamese-American Catholics and thousands other American Catholics to Carthage. Both Festival of Lights and Marian Days are listed as major events of Art & Culture in Carthage Convention & Visitors Bureau website.

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