Thursday, May 15, 2008


At this writing, Saturday, May 17th Game 5 between the Red Wings v. Stars was over with Dallas scored the first goal, then the Wings tied the game but unable to respond to Lundqvist 2nd goal. No scoring in the 3rd and the series goes back to Dallas on Monday. I was so disappointed and puzzled at the level of plays by the Wings. Their passing, puck control and jamming Turco's net with rebounds were melting away. Being good sportmanship, I will extend congratulations to Turco on his first win ever at the Joe. Ok, now please go fishing or golfing!
Of course, if you are hockey fanatic, you would know that the title of this entry is about the Detroit Red Wings being the only Original Six team advanced in the Conference Finals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I was disappointed when the Flyers ousted the Canadiens (So long Habs, there will be next season) and my hometown Rangers fought hard but could not avoid being eliminated by the Penguins. In 1936, the Red Wings, entered the NHL in 1926-1927, was the last Original Six team to win the Cup. Perhaps 2008 will be the year the Cup is won by an Original Six team again. With Canadiens and Rangers are out, I don't have be torn between my beloved Red Wings or my hometown Rangers or wanting to see the Cup returned to Canada.

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