Monday, May 05, 2008


Early last month, we noticed a pile of straws gathered neatly on top of the column that support the eaves of our front porch and attached garage. As days went by, it began to take shape of what would be another bird nest. I jokingly said that our front porch must be prime real estate for birds as nests were built at the same spot the last few years. Then we noticed the bird laid still in the nest, no longer flew away when we opened the front door or the garage panels.
One morning, we did not see the mother bird, must be out getting something to eat. We decided to take a peak and took the photo below showing two beautiful blue eggs. I sent the photos to Mother and Sister. CH told me it must be robins as they are famous for having eggs in this blue color instead of the usual cream color. Sadly, when we checked back yesterday, expecting to take photos of cute little robins, the nest was empty. We could not find any eggshells in the nest or on the ground. We wonder if the d#%@ squirrel that chew up our patio furniture had turned into a bird serial killer!

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