Sunday, May 18, 2008


These photos I took from St. Louis Zoo once again come in handy for this entry, Grin and Bear It. By now everyone is impacted by the record-high gasoline prices which in turn pushing up prices for groceries and all the essential items. Consumers are feeling the choke-hold of paying more at the gas pump, at the supermarkets while their paychecks remain the same. Businesses paying more for materials but unable to charge more as other companies are willing to submit lower bids to get the projects.
The other day after I put the bagel into the slots, it disappeared inside the toaster. I realized that the bagels were much smaller. Instead of raising the price, the bagel company made the products smaller. I used to have to push the bagel completely down into the slots. Then I noticed the same thing happened to other items where the containers or boxes were either smaller or the bags inside are not the same size as before. So if you think you are not paying more, you need to look at the shinking packages.
So, as a wise person said, Just Grin and Bear It. This too shall pass. Another wise person probably will say, At least you have your health! Or as my husband would proudly say that we were smart for buying 4-cyclinder cars, living in a simple small home and not trying to keeping up with the Joneses! I do empathize families with small children or with only one income. Charity orgnizations reported that their food pantries are empty as the requests have been increasing while the donations have been decreasing.

All this talk not only is hurting my pockets but also making me so depressed and tired. I am going for a walk and then take a nap. After all, tomorrow is another day. Some smart people in this country will know what to do and how to get us out of the situations.

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