Friday, May 02, 2008


"Franzenly, it was Zetty Osgood" is a new expression I have been using since last Thursday night after my beloved Red Wings completed a four-game sweep in an overpowering win 8-2 to eliminate the Avalanche and advanced to the Western Conference Finals. This is the first playoffs series between these well-known rivals that ended in a sweep. Johan Franzen (#93) was so beautiful with his 2nd hat trick (too bad it was not home ice and even I felt cheated not witnessing the traditional hats thrown onto the ice) and Zetterberg (#40) was sensational with his magic backhander while already down on the ice. Of course, the ever under-rated, un-appreciated, saving percentage records went un-recognized Chris Osgood (#30) was the perfect netminder. And that is why Franzenly, it was Zetty Osgood! (I think my brother being a punster, without giving a hoot about hockey, would appreciate this expression.)

Below are a few favorite photos I have taken over the years.

I don't care what any critics or those people who always blame the goalie when games are lost but only give credits to other players when the team won, Chris Osgood is the #1 goalie in my book.

Tomas Holstrom (#96) passed along to Franzen great skills of screening the goalies and capitalized on rebounds. Below is a photo of Osgood and Franzen "the Mule". Who could have guessed that almost 60 years later that the Mule would break Gordie Howe's record of nine goals in one series?
Now that we were on top of the Rocky Mountain, let's shoot for the Stars. (Well, I have to admit that I do like Mike Modano, who wouldn't?) Next series, Wings v. Stars, should be another exciting round. Go Wings!
Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention Datsyuk, one of my favorite Red Wings. #13 is known as the most gentle steals king who take the pucks away from opponents in the most imazing way, keeping and passing the pucks thru gaps and bodies as if no one was around, all that without committing penalties. That is why #13 is again one of the finalists for Lady Byng Trophy, an award given to players who best exemplifies sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high level of playing ability. Datsyuk has all that and more.
Da Captain Lidstrom, a strong leader and skilled player, setting great examples by showing how he put in 110% on the ice at every game. I love taking photos such as the one below, Zetterberg looked like he was flying, almost touching the ice in the most skillful position of carrying the puck and completely in control of the surrounding.

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